Obama Needs a Job

Barack Obama Exploring Job Opportunities.

The Chirping Shrimp says Barack Obama has been giving a lot of thought lately about what he will do when he is no longer president. 

He’s been thinking about it because he’s pretty sure he will lose the election in 2012 and he only has two years to prepare himself to enter a job market with no jobs.

He doesn’t have a lot of experience so his resume is looking kind of threadbare.  Most of his recent experience has no practical application to real world situations.  Oh, sure he’s been running some country for a while but he botched that job so badly he expects to get crushed in the next election.  So he should probably remove that entry from his resume.  Before that he was just another mediocre senator in a body composed mostly of corrupt, lazy, rich people.  No help there.  And before that, well, that was so long ago nobody really cares.

He could call on the Wall Street banksters he bailed out to the tune of nearly a trillion taxpayer dollars.  But then he went and upset them by passing some lame reform bill.  So scratch that possibility.

He always liked Star Trek so he talked to NASA about a job, ya know the vision thing.  But he hasn’t really been giving them all the money they’ve asked for.  So they told him with the budget so tight they really didn’t have anything to offer.  Oh wait.  There was this one thing.  The agency is looking for a ruler for Mars.  No place is too far away to tuck this guy.  They would call Obama the Mars Czar.  He actually liked the idea of running a whole planet until he realized he couldn’t come home on weekends.  Also, there was no Camp David on Mars.  And not even one single golf course.

Oh well, he could always send Michelle out to work and be a stay at home Dad.

Also in the news, in recent discussions with the Republican leadership, Obama is said to have asked for an extension of unemployment benefits through 2013.

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