The Nobella Pizza Prize

Friday, December 24, 2010


The Nobella Pizza Prize

‘Tis the season for awarding prizes.  One of the most renowned was just announced. 

The Nobella Pizza Prize committee released the name of this year’s winner from its offices in Pasta Fagioli, Italy.  The award amounted to $1,100,000 and was given to Sabato Parmagiano, head of the Parmagiamo family of Palermo, Sicily.

The award is named after Vito Nobella, former head of the Ricotta family, who died in 1896.  Mr. Nobella said of the prize, “You move a da money around a lilla bita and everybody gets a to be a big a cheese.  Eh.”

Today marks the first time in twenty four years that the prize has been awarded.  During that time the committee’s decisions were contested by two Sicilian families and the Nobella group was forced to withdraw the award.

The disagreement dates back to December 24th, 1986 when the Parmagiano family first brought its complaint before the committee.  That day became known as the Christmas Eve massacre.

The complaint alleged the Gorgonzola family of Salerno, Sicily was given favors by some committee members.  One member in particular, Pasquale Gorgonzola, was singled out for voting consistently in favor of the family from Salerno before he ever tasted the pizza.

Because of the dispute the Nobella Prize Committee was forced to relocate its hideout to its present site at Pasta Fagioli, a village deep in the Italian Alps.

A truce was recently arranged between the two families that will allow the committee to award the pizza prize each year as in the past.  The pact stipulated that capos should not be permitted to serve on the committee and that the two families will each win the prize in alternating years.

“Attsa too nize a,” said committee spokesperson Angelo “Stiletto” Mozzarella.  “No more bloodshed.”

“Luckily,” Mr. Mozzarella continued, “all those who gotta demselves killed during the disagreement gotta to see a priest before they died.”

Homemade Pepperoni Pizza-Sicilian style of course.

File:Pepperoni pizza.jpg

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