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January 31, 2011

Reid Goes to Bat for SS Once Again

Harry Reid will have to fight not only Republican­s but also Barack Obama if he is to preserve Social Security as we now know it.

Obama contrived with Republican­s to associate SS with the deficit by signing off on a meaningles­s payroll tax cut that represents the gravest threat to the program since its inception. Should Obama win a second term he will go after Social Security with a vengeance as agreed to with the GOP.

Obama is not to be trusted. No one can ever again believe a word the man says. He is a right wing Democrat who has moved farther to the right than any previous Democratic president including Bill Clinton and he will continue to move ever rightward. Already he is unrecogniz­able from the candidate who promised change.

When the chips are down, Reid will give in. He simply has no stomach to fight and defeat the president in a Senate showdown.

The only path that remains for true Democrats is to abstain from voting for a presidenti­al candidate in 2012. It no longer makes sense to vote for a president who does not represent the traditiona­l views of the Democratic Party and who repudiates the legacy of that great institutio­n.

I will not waste another vote on a presidenti­al candidate who does represent my views and I hope many liberals will feel the same and refuse to vote for a right wing candidate regardless of party label.

If Obama goes down to a crushing defeat as he so deserves, it, hopefully, this time, will be a lesson to right wing Democrats that the base cannot be trifled with. The more obtuse among the pundits will insist that the defeat represents a rejection of Obama’s left wing policies even though it is now clear that Obama is moving in the direction of right wing extremism. You only have to consider Obama’s Cat Food Commission – his first overt threat to Social Security – and his stacking it with anti-Social Security hacks. In the past such an attack on the program would have been considered both extremist and political suicide. Obama banked on making changes early in his administration in hopes that they would be forgotten by 2012. His scheme however was transparent from the beginning and recognized for the treachery it exposed and so the contrivance was easily foiled.

If we are not yet convinced that Obama has repudiated his base then consider the fawning approach to Wall Street and his pretense of regulation; his open rejection of the public option and a sweet heart deal for profit health insurance companies; his backroom wheeling and dealing with the pharmaceutical industry to maintain the highest costs in the world in the United States; his support for the banks on foreclosures and mealy mouthed promise of help to Americans facing the loss of their homes. And then there is the extension of the Bush tax cuts, a timid approach to stimulus that contained more tax cuts and inadequate job creation and more recently what appears to be a total abandonment of a government jobs creation policy.

The plan for 2012 must be to send this president down to a humiliating defeat. Yes, a right wing Republican – perhaps only slightly to the right of Barack Obama – will be elected. And then in 2016 – next year of hope – crush the Republican and elect a true Democrat in the tradition of FDR.

The foregoing is at least a plan.  And if it succeeds it will give the lie to Emanuel’s mockery of the left as “fucking retards.”

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January 30, 2011

Hillary Clinton: Egypt Must Transition To Democracy

US hypocrisy knows no bounds.  Imagine!  Hillary Clinton lectures Egypt on democracy. 

Clinton’s message might also be directed to Wall Street and its battalions of money changers. The message: Any government that does not represent the will of the majority is an illegitima­te government­.

I wonder if Boehner, who casually mouths the word democracy, would support a move toward greater democracy in the United States.

Sure. We get to change our rulers every so often in rigged elections. But that’s not democracy. Only the names change; not the outcomes.

Soon, the gated communitie­s may not offer sufficient protection­. Soon the gates may need to be manned by Blackwater guards. Soon the battalions of money changers may morph into battalions of tanks.

The patrician has a short memory and always chooses to ignore the lessons of history.  It seems once again those lessons must be repeated.

Egypt in turmoil.

Looting Cairo

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January 30, 2011

BO Expresses Anger at Deficit Comm.

Houston, that’s a go.  The Deficit Commission Report is headed into outer space.

An unnamed source confirmed the president’s angry reaction to the Deficit Commission’s conclusions when he learned someone may have actually read the report.  Obama condemned the recommendations in the strongest possible terms.  “Oh, poopy,” the president is reported to have said.

(The cartoon is by Nate Beeler of The Washington Examiner by way of the Cagle Post.  The words are mine).

January 30, 2011

Spanish Protesters Take to the Streets

Good for the Spanish. At least they stick up for themselves.

Our only hope to avoid SS cuts is that Obama realizes that if he does it he will be tossed into the scrap heap of history in 2012.

If he wins a second term though cuts to the program have been assured largely because of his contrivance with Republicans to cut the payroll tax.

True Democrats must come to realize that Obama is an apostate in much the same way that Clinton was when he signed NAFTA and deregulation.

Face it. Our party has been hijacked by Wall Street Democrats. The only way to oppose these highwaymen is through the Internet – until it’s closed.

Do you find it odd that the champions of deregulation want to regulate the Internet?

Should the Internet ever be shut down in the US – as is likely now that proposals are afoot to give that power to the president – street protest will be the only recourse. In that case, the gates of the gated communities may not provide sufficient security for the wealthy. Blackwater guards and battalions of tanks may be necessary.

January 30, 2011

Monkey See, Monkey Believe

Congressman Jack Kingston (Right Wing-GA) repeatedly rejected the theory of evolution on Real Time With Bill Maher.

It seems to me the monkeys are on the congressma­n’s side of the issue. They must be distraught at the idea that they could one day evolve into Sarah Palin-like creatures.

Overtime at USA Munitions Factories

Gas canisters with the label “Made in USA” have been picked up off the streets by Egyptian protesters.

Guess they’ll be putting in overtime at US gas factories.  Just like the bullet factories.

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George W Bush: I’m Through With Politics, Don’t Want To Campaign Or Fundraise

Praise the Lord.

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Grade Inflation at Columbia

Are the student’s homes in foreclosur­e, are their cars about to be repossesse­d, are they hungry, cold, in need of shelter?

I hope grade inflation is the worst condition the students and the university ever encounter.

On second thought the school has encountere­d worse. I seem to recall the football team losing a record number of consecutiv­e games. Now that’s a problem.

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January 29, 2011

What’s Wrong With Obama?

What’s wrong with Obama?

The video is from the

This video provides a good analysis by Cenk Uygur and Glenn Greenwald of how Obama did us wrong and why the Democrats lost big in the midterms.

January 28, 2011

The Big Obscenity: A Trillion Dollars a Year to the Richest 1% |

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Fat Chance!

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January 28, 2011

The Rahmster Strikes Again

Rahm, Rahm, He’s our man, If he can’t screw ’em, no one can.

Rahmy, Rahmy, wherefore art thou, dearest Rahmy.

On the ballot of course.  Where the hell did ja think I’d be.

January 28, 2011

Big Ben Bails on Main Street

The banking crises of the late 1920s and 1930s were of a different period and are not analogous to conditions as they exist today.

I still wonder what would have been the result if we had allowed Citibank and Bank of America to fail and perhaps AIG as well. Surely fortunes would have been lost but would this have been any more detrimental to the economy than the disaster that we are experiencing today.  I don’t think so.  After all the banking system across the country is sound and would have remained so. The FDIC was in place, thanks to FDR and his New Deal, and wholesales failures would not have occurred on the scale they did in the 1930s.

The trillions the government channeled to Wall Street could have been put to better use through sound regional and community banks. Actually the whole system could have been propped up by using the trillions to help homeowners refinance mortgages.

In the process the patricians of the financial community would have been chastened – if that is possible with limitless hubris – and forced to accept real reform instead of the pretense passed by Congress and signed by the president that leaves the door open to future fraudulent schemes.

The government would have remained a player throughout the banker created mess but would have assumed a different role with perhaps a better outcome than the economic disaster we are now faced with.

Instead the government preempted trillions of taxpayer dollars to pull the nuts of a handful of wealthy people out of the fire and backhanded the rest of us expecting the “small people” to believe that they have been miraculously saved

And pardon my incivility­. That should read chestnuts out of the fire.

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January 28, 2011

Davos-Not for Patrician Tastes

The spate of crankiness in Davos is no doubt due to unsatisfac­tory cuisine. After all the patrician palate is rather delicate.

And one does tend to rely more on the beverage for nourishmen­t in the absence of culinary distinctio­n.

I’m afraid the small people simply would not understand such affairs.

Oh, the article, if you care to read it, has something to do with the state of the global economy.

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January 25, 2011

OMG – Not Another BO Speech

Barack Obama’s State of the Union address was really inspiring. But to my regret I apparently nodded off during some of the most meaningful parts.

I guess I missed the part where Obama blamed Wall Street crooks for bringing the economy of the entire planet to the brink of disaster.

I guess I missed the part where Obama blamed his economic Einsteins for miscalculating the causes of the recession and relying on the antiquated belief that the economy would automatically cycle from recession to recovery.

I guess I missed the part where Obama blamed his Wall Street Treasury cronies for permitting banksters to foreclose on the homes of millions of Americans.

I guess I missed the part where Obama blamed his tinhorn Machiavellis for reneging on the public option, refusing to reinstate Glass-Steagall, rejecting Net Neutrality, continuing the wars, extending tax cuts for the rich and behaving like they were the third Bush Administration.

I guess I missed the part where Obama thanked Jeffery Immelt, GE CEO, new job creation head and job outsourcing champ, for all he’s done to diminish the middle class.

I guess I missed the part where Obama thanked his Justice Department for refusing to prosecute Wall Street crooks, also known as CEOs.

I guess I missed the part where Obama praised himself for negotiating a silly payroll tax cut that represents the gravest threat to Social Security since its inception.

I did however catch the part where Obama inferred that mediocre schools and inferior teachers were to blame for America’s lack of competitiveness in the global marketplace and were the real cause of the recession.

OK. Now I get it. It was all those damned teachers and their damned labor unions that drove the world economy to near destruction.  Thanks for setting me straight, Mr. President.

On the other hand, is anybody else getting the feeling that the plating on the silver tongue has finally begun to tarnish. With such balderdash splattered about the halls of Congress who could possibly endure even one more speech by our silver-tongued word-master in chief.

So let’s face it.  Barack Obama’s speeches are about as meaningful and interesting as halftime at a football game.

The administration really needs to do something to spiff up these TV extravaganzas.  Here are some suggestions, like, ya know, cheerleaders maybe:  Barack, Barack, he’s our man; if he can’t do it no one can.

Or maybe a marching band spelling out:  It’s the economy, stupid!

How about Nancy should start maybe a wave:  Goooooooooooo, Barack!

The best thing about halftime, though, is that you never have to read about it in the morning papers.

If you still get one.

The DC news tribes, however, scalp SOTU for everything they can squeeze out of it.  They call it, like ya know, news.

File:Washington-Redskins-040315-N-8861F-003.jpgThe Washington Redskins Cheerleaders.  Not unfortunately in the House Chamber.

Texas Tech University Marching Band, as you can plainly see, not in the halls of Congress.  (The photos are in the public domain).


January 24, 2011

Fatal Triangles

This president has cut a deal with the Republican­s that threatens the financial stability of Social Security. The program now faces a shortfall that must be offset by raising income taxes or the deficit or by a sharp increase in the payroll tax.

The president may not be calling for an increase in the retirement age or benefit reductions but he effectivel­y put Social Security on the chopping block by agreeing to one of the silliest tax cuts in recent history.

The payroll tax cut for most people will be puny. It will quickly be offset by increases in health insurance premiums, in energy costs (check the price of a gallon of gasoline); and hikes in the cost of food which are always just around the corner. These increases in the cost of living represent a conduit for tax cut dollars straight to Wall Street. Nice stimulus for the big banks and the bonus banksters who run them but not much benefit to anyone else.

Moreover, this president has tampered with Social Security by agreeing to a deal that is little more than a connivance with Republican­s. In so doing he has opened the floodgates to changes in the program that will benefit Wall Street and leave Main Street even further behind.

Let’s recognize the president’­s wheeling and dealing for what it is: Just another sneak attack on our Social Security. If this president has backed off, it is merely a tactical maneuver. Don’t fall for it.

Send the message to this president on Facebook, Twitter and your blogs and to the White House itself: We’re fed up with the tinhorn Machiavellis he has surrounded himself with and with the right wing sleight of hand they’ve conjured up with the GOP.

FDR famously said make me do it. The message to this president is not good enough. We won’t vote for another president, regardless of which party he claims to be a member of, if he does not represent us and the views we hold dear.

Obama, if you want your base to stick by you, then back to square one you go.

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January 23, 2011

Blue Dog Treachery

The country club smile of Barack Obama

Liberals, progressives and all true Democrats – not the Blue Dog Obama/Clinton variety – have got to face up to the stark reality of Blue Dog treachery on the issue of Social Security. These Blue Dogs, which include Obama and most of his appointees, have betrayed the legacy of FDR and the traditions of the Democratic Party. They have hijacked the party of FDR, Harry Truman and LBJ. You have only to refer to Clinton’s signing of the Republican NAFTA and his approval of financial deregulation – thereby rejecting a core principle of the party of Roosevelt – to realize how complete a theft these highwaymen have engineered.

Obama himself is a member of the club George Carlin spoke of in his familiar skit. And this president will not jeopardize his membership for the likes of us. Members of the club have long wanted to destroy Social Security and Obama is on their side not ours.

You will recognize the mealy-mouthed words as they slide off the golden tongue in the very near future. By increasing the retirement age and cutting benefits Obama will proclaim that he has “saved Social Security for future generations.”

The gullible of course will fall for this line of tinhorn chicanery. The rest of us must warn the White House of the thrashing it can expect in 2012 if it proceeds upon its reckless course – a humiliation similar to the one the Blue Dog Dems received in 2010.

January 23, 2011

DC Disease Declared Epidemic

Washington brain disease has reached epidemic proportions, the National Institutes of Health reported today. With a few exceptions, every news organization, every columnist, every news anchor, every pundit is hopelessly infected. There is no cure.

The initial symptoms consist of an overpowering desire to please everyone who has money and that means lots of it. These include but are not limited to CEOs of corporations and Wall Street banks, hedge fund and media moguls and right wing aristocrats of every stripe.

The disease infiltrates the tissues of the brain and causes ad nauseum repetition of ideas and policies that reward the rich with ever greater wealth. As the disease progresses, repetition intensifies and drowns out any opposing message.

The disease is easily diagnosed in the DC media. Its symptoms include but are not limited to uncontrollable urges to promote the following bogus ideas:

  • You can’t raise taxes on the rich during a recession.
  • Tax cuts create jobs.
  • Defense cuts leave the nation vulnerable to terrorist attack.
  • Social Security increases the deficit.
  • Single payer health insurance is socialized medicine.
  • Wars we start protect us from war.

Fox News reportedly blamed the disease on a liberal conspiracy with ghosts which anchors claimed had invaded its studios. The organization then declared an emergency and ordered an evacuation of its offices.

The National Institutes of Health has issued a warning to all Beltway clan members exhibiting the above symptoms to report immediately to the nearest mental heath facility for observation.

Fox News Cites Evidence of Liberal Ghosts.