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January 16, 2011

Barack Obama: Aristocrat in Chief

If true Democrats don’t already know that Obama is a Blue Dog pseudo-Democrat in the mold of Big Daddy Bill Clinton, they haven’t been paying attention.

Here is a list of pretend accomplishments that Obama and his tinhorn Machiavellis have shoved down the throats of former supporters.

After HR legislation health insurance is still badly in need of reform. Obamacare is a bit of foolishness intended as a sop for voters and windfall for health insurance companies. It is similar in outline to the Bush prescription drug plan, also intended to increase the wealth of special interests at taxpayer expense.

Financial regulation missed the mark entirely and can better be described as financial manipulation rather than reform The improvements the bill made are intended mainly as a pretense of reform whose purpose is nothing more than to pull the wool over the eyes of unsuspecting voters again much the same as Bush’s prescription drug plan. Both are a shadow of what might have been

The massive bank bailout was engineered from the White House to lend a taxpayer funded helping hand to friends of Obama and to protect the Wall Street payoff money pipeline to the Democratic Party. What is little known is that Obama and his Machiavellis strong armed any Democrats who opposed the legislation even to the point of threatening to support Republicans in elections against loyal Democrats.

The White House also displayed strong leadership by manipulating Dem support for other bogus reform legislative projects.

Obama agreed to extend the Bush tax cuts thereby further imperiling the security of the nation and by so doing made the cuts for the wealthy permanent.

His failure to help the middle class by refusing to pursue adequate stimulus and the mean-spirited rejection of help during the foreclosure debacle showcases Obama’s aristocratic approach to governing.

Moreover, Obama has continued and expanded the Bush wars and is now complicit in Constitutional violations such as imprisonment without legal representation or trial ; spying on Americans; political assassination; Guantanamo and more.

The Korea trade pact, like all of the other rigged trade agreements, simply pours salt on the wounds.

And after all of these daggers pointed directly at the throats of taxpayers the worst is about to befall his betrayed supporters.

By accepting a measly FICA tax cut in his Faustian bargain with Republicans – a bargain in which he sold the souls of his supporters – he has increased the Social Security short fall and advanced by years the once far off date when the fund will need a tax increase. And he may very well have agreed to include his pet project in the faked deal: cuts to Social Security, an outcome he all but mandated by his duplicity. Moreover, his intrigues could very well have opened the floodgates to radical changes to Social Security in the future.

His promise to defend Net Neutrality has morphed into yet another example of mealy mouthed backstabbing.

Is Obama a strong president? He is indeed. He represents with wile and cunning the wealthiest ten percent of the nation and has backhanded the rest of us. He is truly the Aristocrat in Chief.

What is the purpose in all of his deceit? Obama is a member of the club. He, like so many other elected officials in Washington, is using his office as a stepping stone to immense wealth – wealth even greater than he now possesses. When he leaves office in a scant two years a grateful aristocracy will reward him. He will amass riches beyond his wildest dreams.

And, of course, the laughs on us.