Blue Dog Treachery

The country club smile of Barack Obama

Liberals, progressives and all true Democrats – not the Blue Dog Obama/Clinton variety – have got to face up to the stark reality of Blue Dog treachery on the issue of Social Security. These Blue Dogs, which include Obama and most of his appointees, have betrayed the legacy of FDR and the traditions of the Democratic Party. They have hijacked the party of FDR, Harry Truman and LBJ. You have only to refer to Clinton’s signing of the Republican NAFTA and his approval of financial deregulation – thereby rejecting a core principle of the party of Roosevelt – to realize how complete a theft these highwaymen have engineered.

Obama himself is a member of the club George Carlin spoke of in his familiar skit. And this president will not jeopardize his membership for the likes of us. Members of the club have long wanted to destroy Social Security and Obama is on their side not ours.

You will recognize the mealy-mouthed words as they slide off the golden tongue in the very near future. By increasing the retirement age and cutting benefits Obama will proclaim that he has “saved Social Security for future generations.”

The gullible of course will fall for this line of tinhorn chicanery. The rest of us must warn the White House of the thrashing it can expect in 2012 if it proceeds upon its reckless course – a humiliation similar to the one the Blue Dog Dems received in 2010.


One Comment to “Blue Dog Treachery”

  1. You’re right. Obama turned out to be a conservadem and repeatedly capitulates to the Republicans before even reaching the bargaining table.

    We need to push the DNC to have primaries in 2012. Obama is not what we need to save our country. He’s merely slowing down it’s collapse.

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