Fatal Triangles

This president has cut a deal with the Republican­s that threatens the financial stability of Social Security. The program now faces a shortfall that must be offset by raising income taxes or the deficit or by a sharp increase in the payroll tax.

The president may not be calling for an increase in the retirement age or benefit reductions but he effectivel­y put Social Security on the chopping block by agreeing to one of the silliest tax cuts in recent history.

The payroll tax cut for most people will be puny. It will quickly be offset by increases in health insurance premiums, in energy costs (check the price of a gallon of gasoline); and hikes in the cost of food which are always just around the corner. These increases in the cost of living represent a conduit for tax cut dollars straight to Wall Street. Nice stimulus for the big banks and the bonus banksters who run them but not much benefit to anyone else.

Moreover, this president has tampered with Social Security by agreeing to a deal that is little more than a connivance with Republican­s. In so doing he has opened the floodgates to changes in the program that will benefit Wall Street and leave Main Street even further behind.

Let’s recognize the president’­s wheeling and dealing for what it is: Just another sneak attack on our Social Security. If this president has backed off, it is merely a tactical maneuver. Don’t fall for it.

Send the message to this president on Facebook, Twitter and your blogs and to the White House itself: We’re fed up with the tinhorn Machiavellis he has surrounded himself with and with the right wing sleight of hand they’ve conjured up with the GOP.

FDR famously said make me do it. The message to this president is not good enough. We won’t vote for another president, regardless of which party he claims to be a member of, if he does not represent us and the views we hold dear.

Obama, if you want your base to stick by you, then back to square one you go.

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