OMG – Not Another BO Speech

Barack Obama’s State of the Union address was really inspiring. But to my regret I apparently nodded off during some of the most meaningful parts.

I guess I missed the part where Obama blamed Wall Street crooks for bringing the economy of the entire planet to the brink of disaster.

I guess I missed the part where Obama blamed his economic Einsteins for miscalculating the causes of the recession and relying on the antiquated belief that the economy would automatically cycle from recession to recovery.

I guess I missed the part where Obama blamed his Wall Street Treasury cronies for permitting banksters to foreclose on the homes of millions of Americans.

I guess I missed the part where Obama blamed his tinhorn Machiavellis for reneging on the public option, refusing to reinstate Glass-Steagall, rejecting Net Neutrality, continuing the wars, extending tax cuts for the rich and behaving like they were the third Bush Administration.

I guess I missed the part where Obama thanked Jeffery Immelt, GE CEO, new job creation head and job outsourcing champ, for all he’s done to diminish the middle class.

I guess I missed the part where Obama thanked his Justice Department for refusing to prosecute Wall Street crooks, also known as CEOs.

I guess I missed the part where Obama praised himself for negotiating a silly payroll tax cut that represents the gravest threat to Social Security since its inception.

I did however catch the part where Obama inferred that mediocre schools and inferior teachers were to blame for America’s lack of competitiveness in the global marketplace and were the real cause of the recession.

OK. Now I get it. It was all those damned teachers and their damned labor unions that drove the world economy to near destruction.  Thanks for setting me straight, Mr. President.

On the other hand, is anybody else getting the feeling that the plating on the silver tongue has finally begun to tarnish. With such balderdash splattered about the halls of Congress who could possibly endure even one more speech by our silver-tongued word-master in chief.

So let’s face it.  Barack Obama’s speeches are about as meaningful and interesting as halftime at a football game.

The administration really needs to do something to spiff up these TV extravaganzas.  Here are some suggestions, like, ya know, cheerleaders maybe:  Barack, Barack, he’s our man; if he can’t do it no one can.

Or maybe a marching band spelling out:  It’s the economy, stupid!

How about Nancy should start maybe a wave:  Goooooooooooo, Barack!

The best thing about halftime, though, is that you never have to read about it in the morning papers.

If you still get one.

The DC news tribes, however, scalp SOTU for everything they can squeeze out of it.  They call it, like ya know, news.

File:Washington-Redskins-040315-N-8861F-003.jpgThe Washington Redskins Cheerleaders.  Not unfortunately in the House Chamber.

Texas Tech University Marching Band, as you can plainly see, not in the halls of Congress.  (The photos are in the public domain).



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