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January 30, 2011

Hillary Clinton: Egypt Must Transition To Democracy

US hypocrisy knows no bounds.  Imagine!  Hillary Clinton lectures Egypt on democracy. 

Clinton’s message might also be directed to Wall Street and its battalions of money changers. The message: Any government that does not represent the will of the majority is an illegitima­te government­.

I wonder if Boehner, who casually mouths the word democracy, would support a move toward greater democracy in the United States.

Sure. We get to change our rulers every so often in rigged elections. But that’s not democracy. Only the names change; not the outcomes.

Soon, the gated communitie­s may not offer sufficient protection­. Soon the gates may need to be manned by Blackwater guards. Soon the battalions of money changers may morph into battalions of tanks.

The patrician has a short memory and always chooses to ignore the lessons of history.  It seems once again those lessons must be repeated.

Egypt in turmoil.

Looting Cairo

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January 30, 2011

BO Expresses Anger at Deficit Comm.

Houston, that’s a go.  The Deficit Commission Report is headed into outer space.

An unnamed source confirmed the president’s angry reaction to the Deficit Commission’s conclusions when he learned someone may have actually read the report.  Obama condemned the recommendations in the strongest possible terms.  “Oh, poopy,” the president is reported to have said.

(The cartoon is by Nate Beeler of The Washington Examiner by way of the Cagle Post.  The words are mine).

January 30, 2011

Spanish Protesters Take to the Streets

Good for the Spanish. At least they stick up for themselves.

Our only hope to avoid SS cuts is that Obama realizes that if he does it he will be tossed into the scrap heap of history in 2012.

If he wins a second term though cuts to the program have been assured largely because of his contrivance with Republicans to cut the payroll tax.

True Democrats must come to realize that Obama is an apostate in much the same way that Clinton was when he signed NAFTA and deregulation.

Face it. Our party has been hijacked by Wall Street Democrats. The only way to oppose these highwaymen is through the Internet – until it’s closed.

Do you find it odd that the champions of deregulation want to regulate the Internet?

Should the Internet ever be shut down in the US – as is likely now that proposals are afoot to give that power to the president – street protest will be the only recourse. In that case, the gates of the gated communities may not provide sufficient security for the wealthy. Blackwater guards and battalions of tanks may be necessary.

January 30, 2011

Monkey See, Monkey Believe

Congressman Jack Kingston (Right Wing-GA) repeatedly rejected the theory of evolution on Real Time With Bill Maher.

It seems to me the monkeys are on the congressma­n’s side of the issue. They must be distraught at the idea that they could one day evolve into Sarah Palin-like creatures.

Overtime at USA Munitions Factories

Gas canisters with the label “Made in USA” have been picked up off the streets by Egyptian protesters.

Guess they’ll be putting in overtime at US gas factories.  Just like the bullet factories.

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George W Bush: I’m Through With Politics, Don’t Want To Campaign Or Fundraise

Praise the Lord.

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Grade Inflation at Columbia

Are the student’s homes in foreclosur­e, are their cars about to be repossesse­d, are they hungry, cold, in need of shelter?

I hope grade inflation is the worst condition the students and the university ever encounter.

On second thought the school has encountere­d worse. I seem to recall the football team losing a record number of consecutiv­e games. Now that’s a problem.

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