Hillary Clinton: Egypt Must Transition To Democracy

US hypocrisy knows no bounds.  Imagine!  Hillary Clinton lectures Egypt on democracy. 

Clinton’s message might also be directed to Wall Street and its battalions of money changers. The message: Any government that does not represent the will of the majority is an illegitima­te government­.

I wonder if Boehner, who casually mouths the word democracy, would support a move toward greater democracy in the United States.

Sure. We get to change our rulers every so often in rigged elections. But that’s not democracy. Only the names change; not the outcomes.

Soon, the gated communitie­s may not offer sufficient protection­. Soon the gates may need to be manned by Blackwater guards. Soon the battalions of money changers may morph into battalions of tanks.

The patrician has a short memory and always chooses to ignore the lessons of history.  It seems once again those lessons must be repeated.

Egypt in turmoil.

Looting Cairo

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