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January 31, 2011

Reid Goes to Bat for SS Once Again

Harry Reid will have to fight not only Republican­s but also Barack Obama if he is to preserve Social Security as we now know it.

Obama contrived with Republican­s to associate SS with the deficit by signing off on a meaningles­s payroll tax cut that represents the gravest threat to the program since its inception. Should Obama win a second term he will go after Social Security with a vengeance as agreed to with the GOP.

Obama is not to be trusted. No one can ever again believe a word the man says. He is a right wing Democrat who has moved farther to the right than any previous Democratic president including Bill Clinton and he will continue to move ever rightward. Already he is unrecogniz­able from the candidate who promised change.

When the chips are down, Reid will give in. He simply has no stomach to fight and defeat the president in a Senate showdown.

The only path that remains for true Democrats is to abstain from voting for a presidenti­al candidate in 2012. It no longer makes sense to vote for a president who does not represent the traditiona­l views of the Democratic Party and who repudiates the legacy of that great institutio­n.

I will not waste another vote on a presidenti­al candidate who does represent my views and I hope many liberals will feel the same and refuse to vote for a right wing candidate regardless of party label.

If Obama goes down to a crushing defeat as he so deserves, it, hopefully, this time, will be a lesson to right wing Democrats that the base cannot be trifled with. The more obtuse among the pundits will insist that the defeat represents a rejection of Obama’s left wing policies even though it is now clear that Obama is moving in the direction of right wing extremism. You only have to consider Obama’s Cat Food Commission – his first overt threat to Social Security – and his stacking it with anti-Social Security hacks. In the past such an attack on the program would have been considered both extremist and political suicide. Obama banked on making changes early in his administration in hopes that they would be forgotten by 2012. His scheme however was transparent from the beginning and recognized for the treachery it exposed and so the contrivance was easily foiled.

If we are not yet convinced that Obama has repudiated his base then consider the fawning approach to Wall Street and his pretense of regulation; his open rejection of the public option and a sweet heart deal for profit health insurance companies; his backroom wheeling and dealing with the pharmaceutical industry to maintain the highest costs in the world in the United States; his support for the banks on foreclosures and mealy mouthed promise of help to Americans facing the loss of their homes. And then there is the extension of the Bush tax cuts, a timid approach to stimulus that contained more tax cuts and inadequate job creation and more recently what appears to be a total abandonment of a government jobs creation policy.

The plan for 2012 must be to send this president down to a humiliating defeat. Yes, a right wing Republican – perhaps only slightly to the right of Barack Obama – will be elected. And then in 2016 – next year of hope – crush the Republican and elect a true Democrat in the tradition of FDR.

The foregoing is at least a plan.  And if it succeeds it will give the lie to Emanuel’s mockery of the left as “fucking retards.”

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