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February 26, 2011


President suffers big toe blister.

Breaking News! From UPW (Unreliable Press Worldwide.)

File:Obama thinking.jpg

President in obvious distress moments before being rushed to Bethesda Naval Medical Center.

President Barack Obama was rushed to Bethesda Naval Medical Center today for treatment of an inflammation on his big toe, a condition commonly known as a blister.

The president refused treatment at the nearby Walter Reed Army facility because he’s scared of roaches.

In a statement released by the Bethesda hospital a spokesman said doctors attending the president described the eruption as serious and outlined the procedure a team of surgeons prescribed to relieve the condition.

Surgeons will first employ the medically recommended treatment to ease the pressure caused by the subcutaneous accumulation of fluid in the chief executive’s big toe. The surgeon in charge of the team will light a match and apply the flame to a sewing needle in order to sterilize the instrument. Once the instrument is rendered aseptic the team will then attempt a subcutaneous insertion of the needle directly into the affected area. When the pressure is relieved doctors expect the president to make a full recovery.

During the surgery, however, the president will be administered a general anesthesia and will be unable to perform his executive duties for a period lasting approximately two or three minutes. The president advised Congress of the period of incapacity and recommended that Vice President Joe Biden assume the role of Acting President for the duration .

In a statement issued from the White House the president expressed his complete confidence in the vice president’s ability to fulfill the duties of president during the period of incapacity.

Also, from the White House, the press secretary indicated the president was stricken while looking up information about the state of Wisconsin in his Funk and Wagnalls, an encyclopedia the president obtained by paying $2.50 per volume while shopping for groceries at a supermarket that offered the set as a premium. The president is lacking Volume 5, the press secretary continued, and is willing to pay $3.00 for the missing book if Congress will authorize the item in the current budget.

Before undergoing anesthesia the president released a statement regretting that he would not be able to fulfill his campaign promise to march on picket lines with labor union members and expressed particular regret to Wisconsin protesters for his unavoidable absence.

Updates on the president’s condition will be reported from the UPW newsroom as soon as they become available.

Unreliable Press Worldwide.

Surpassing the Mainstream Media.

February 20, 2011

First Amendment Unconstitutional

File:Raja Ravi Varma, Gypsies (1893).jpg

A former state employee denied the right to bargain collectively. Shortly after this photo was taken a SWAT team arrested the crowd for illegal assembly. A spokesperson for Governor Scott Walker stated the police were merely enforcing a Supreme Court ruling that declared peaceable assembly unlawful.

Utterly Uncensored Press Feb. 20, 2011.

Breaking news from UUP. The Supreme Court today declared the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights unconstitutional. In a 5-4 decision the Court reasoned that the amendment keeps getting in the way of rich people who want to make more money.

Free speech, the Court declared, has promoted political positions that are in direct conflict with the right of the rich to accumulate wealth.

As for the right to assemble peaceably, the majority stated, it has been a constant thorn in the side of wealthy individuals who innocently seek to enhance profit for themselves and their rich stockholders. The majority in the 5-4 decision criticized the fact that maximum wealth accumulation has been brazenly stymied by protest actions and union picketing so these and similar activities will no longer be tolerated nor recognized as a right.

In its decision declaring the amendment unconstitutional, the Court agreed that Congress should refrain from making laws respecting the establishment of religion but insisted that such restraint be applied only to Christianity. The Court based its decision on the long established belief that the Founding Fathers intended the Christian religion to predominate in a freedom loving America. Moreover, the Court curbed government authority to protect religious freedom extending it only to Christian sects that promote self-reliance and individual responsibility as the primary paths to prosperity while shunning charity as an incentive to sloth and degradation – except of course for contributions to the church itself.

As for the right to petition government for redress of grievances the majority insisted that right has been a bunch of crap from day one and for all practical purposes has been ignored in all cases except where baksheesh has exchanged hands. The ability to redress government therefore has been withdrawn as a basic human right.

In another development, the UUP news organization has learned that the Supreme Court will declare the Social Security Trust Fund unconstitutional. In a brief released by an unidentified member of the Court, the justices stated that it is unlawful for government to issue government bonds to another government agency.

Under the circumstances, UUP reported that actuaries for the newly formed Republican Independent Press have forecast a 250 gazillion dollar shortfall in the Social Security Fund by Monday.

According to an RIP source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, in an emergency meeting convened by members of the GOP Congressional leadership and the White House the two parties reached an agreement in accordance with the Court’s decision that will eliminate the nearly 3 trillion dollars in United States Government Bonds the trust fund now owns. As part of a compromise, the two sides agreed to end the payroll tax for all persons earning more than $250,000 a year. Both sides were convinced the tax cut for the rich would stimulate the economy and increase employment. Also on the plus side, reneging on the promise to pay the bonds owed by the government to Social Security will help reduce the deficit and partially offset the revenue shortfall expected from the payroll tax cut for the rich.

Other emergency measures arising from the meeting between President Obama and negotiators for the GOP included another compromise. This one would eliminate all taxes for the wealthiest 10% of Americans. In addition to the payroll tax cut, other taxes slated for elimination include the income and estate taxes as well as all taxes on investment and capital gains.

To offset these revenue losses Obama agreed to a 350 percent increase in the payroll tax for all workers earning less the $250,000 and an increase in the retirement age to 267 years. Those persons currently slated to retire in 2012 can now look forward to their golden years in 2212. All retirees now receiving Social Security checks will continue to collect their benefits until Obama is reelected. After the 2012 elections, however, nobody in Washington really gives a shit what happens.

Also agreed was that since Washington can no longer issue bonds to the Social Security Trust Fund, payroll deductions will now be channeled through a pipeline straight to Wall Street for investment in derivatives such as CDOs and CDSs. The Congressional retirement plan would not be affected.

As a part of the bargain, Republicans promised to call their rich benefactors to see if they might want to start hiring more American workers. However, they warned the president that an increase in hiring is unlikely because the minimum wage now in place is a disincentive to add to the workforce.

In yet another compromise hammered out by negotiators, Obama agreed to consider reducing the minimum wage over a period of time. The agreement reached now calls for ending minimum wage on Monday.

In return for the concessions on the part of the president it was agreed that Obama would get a milkshake after the meeting. However, the motion was tabled when a dispute arose over who would pay for the milkshake and whether Obama should be allowed to chose the flavor. The issue was placed on the agenda for the next meeting.

In a statement released after the meeting, Obama praised the new tax cut policy as the greatest job creation venture since slavery.

February 20, 2011

Fat Chance!

File:Slum in Cairo.jpg

An Egyptian slum. American aristocrats believe their inferiors in the United States deserve no better. Don’t think so? Don’t kid yourself. We’re already headed in that direction.

Save $500 billion a year and demolish the deficit in 5 years​: Not a problem. Get America going in the right direction again: Not a problem. Here’s how it can be done.

Obama knows how it can be done; Boehner knows how it can be done; and so does McConnell, Pelosi and the whole gang of imposters in the Senate and House who like to think of themselves as representatives of the people when nothing could be further from the truth. This gaggle of corrupt apostates have renounced their oaths by their very actions and that is by representing only a tiny minority of the American people called the Special Interests.

Here are some of the actions the corrupt officials who reside in the wreckage they call the capital of the nation have assiduously avoided.

First and foremost, ending wars that long ago reached the point of stupidity. Come to think of it they reached that point the day they were begun. Terminating these stupidities immediately saves over $100 billion. Our military Einsteins – you know them by all the little thingies they wear on their chests – got us into these messes as much as ten years ago and still can’t figure out a way to get us the hell out. They’ve wasted ten years trying to build a police force and still haven’t succeeded. Anyway ending these tragic wars saves at least $100 billion a year. Stay with me now.

Next, cut war spending. This nation is doling out something like $550 billion a year on something we call defense. Defense from what? Cheating on Wall Street, greedy CEOs, double-crossing American corporations. If we could in fact be protected from these Judases it might be worth spending $550 billion a year. But we’re really not protected from much at all because, except for the menace of the Judases, there is little threat in the world to justify spending such vast sums of money.

OK, so you’re feeling a little insecure. You really don’t want to cut too much from a budget that keeps this big security umbrella over your head. Relax. No need to start sucking your thumb or curling up in a dark corner. Let’s say we cut just 5 measly percent a year from the war budget. In five years we save $125 billion dollars and we still have the biggest goddamned war kitty on the whole fucking planet and then some.

Stay with me now, because we’ve just saved $625 billion in just five years and we’ve barely started.

Now we are going to permit Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices with pharmaceutical companies. That alone will save $100 billion over five years and I’ve read estimates that calculate the savings at as much as $300 billion. But let’s go with the conservative estimate and say we save $100 billion. We’re now up to $725 billion in our five year period. But wait a minute. That’s just pocket change, lunch money compared to the next items.

Dump the profit health insurance companies because they are the Somali pirates in the industry and convert to a Medicare for All program and we save $200 billion a year at a minimum each and every year. Holy shit! We’re at $1.725 trillion and we haven’t even reached the big guacamole.

Let’s raise taxes on the rich. Since George W. Bush greased his tax cuts for the rich through Congress and up the middle classes asses, government revenue has declined by more than $1 trillion dollars. Or $500 billion in five years. Do you realize our total has now reached $2.225 trillion and that the budget is now in surplus and we still haven’t finished.

Here are some other deficit busting measures that add to the surplus. First a small tax on financial transactions and then closing corporate tax loopholes can add a minimum of $50 to $75 billion a year. And what about offshore tax havens. Eliminate those and we save conservatively $100 billion dollars a year. Do you realize we are now very close to adding close to $3 trillion dollars to revenue.

If we can’t close the loopholes it’s only because our corrupt elected officials refuse to do so. And as for offshore tax havens, that’s a very simple matter. Simply break diplomatic relations with these notorious island menaces, prohibit travel to these countries, freeze assets, outlaw all trade and transactions including financial and disrupt all electronic and telecommunications activity. And treat all other countries who dare to engage in this piratical behavior in the same manner. Diplomatic agreements with law abiding countries to break relations with the island pirates would quickly strangle the economies of these scoundrels and bring them to their knees.

Why hasn’t our government taken these actions to end this notorious tax evasion scam. It hasn’t because our government is utterly corrupt and wholeheartedly supports this criminal behavior. Our government is so utterly corrupt that it supports tax loopholes for corporations, tax breaks and tax cuts for the rich, outrageous profit for pharmaceutical and health insurance companies, unconscionable wars and a war budget that represents a grave threat to the entire planet. And you can ask an Iraqi or an Afghan or an Egyptian who has lived for thirty years under a dictator supported by American baksheesh about that.

We just saved about $600 billion dollars a year. If only we had an honest, democratic government.

Why then are the deficit manics screaming about a non-existent issue? Well there is more than madness to this dementia. These madmen are coming after you. They are crazed by greed. They want your money. They will purchase and own an entire government to get it. Whatever it is you have left, they want it. They are coming after the teachers and the policeman and the fireman and public servants of every stripe and every hard working man and woman in the country if not the world. However much money you earn by your hard work they believe it is too much. They believe you don’t deserve it and that they are entitled to it and they are coming after it.

So we now know how to erase the deficit in five short years. But is there any real prospect that this will happen?

Fat chance!!

(Photo courtsey of NoWhereMan 1977 at Wikipedia).

February 18, 2011

Obama, CEOs Explore Job Growth

President Barack Obama and CEOs of major global corporations met today to discuss plans that would spur job creation in the US economy.

President Obama held a meeting today with CEOs of several major corporations. The foremost topic on the agenda was job creation. The president was able to agree to several compromises with the corporate leaders.  The first item agreed to was adding jobs to the economy by ending the 40 hour work week and increasing it to 48 hours.  No one explained how this goal could be achieved but CEOs hailed the measure as a genuine attempt by the administration to seek a more harmonious relationship with the business community.

Obama demanded that overtime pay be required for hours worked beyond the 48 hour limit. However, in another compromise worked out with CEOs, Obama agreed that overtime pay should be optional. He also agreed that work hours should not be limited to 48 if more were required by corporations to meet the challenges in a global economy. When the question of overtime pay was raised Obama agreed again that it should be optional.

CEOs stated that future wages for labor should be determined only after senior executives divvied up profits among themselves. They also advocated the elimination of the minimum wage since it represented government interference in the business community. Obama opposed the immediate elimination of the minimum wage stating that it should be reduced slowly over a period of five years. In an effort to reach an agreement however Obama acceded to the CEOs demand that the minimum wage be eliminated on Monday.

Obama also agreed that the age limit for work be reduced to 10 years of age. The president demanded however that children be paid at least two dollars an hour. When CEOs objected saying the idea amounted to government interference in the operation of their businesses another compromise was worked out in which Obama agreed that wages for children should be optional.

The president brought up the subject of giving kids an ice cream cone after a twelve hour workday. The CEOs rejected the idea complaining that they were being forced to submit to government regulation. They promised however to reconsider the suggestion again in a year or two.

The meeting was adjourned with both sides agreeing to a prepared statement that the new work rules would make America competitive with Asian nations and induce corporate investment in the US economy. Obama hailed the outcome of the meeting as the greatest job creating venture since slavery.

February 18, 2011

The Laugh’s on Us

The simple wish list of a moderate capitalist.  Such modest goals and yet so difficult to achieve in the richest country in the world.  And you don’t have to be a socialist.



February 17, 2011

Wisconsin Sheds Shame; Governors Thorns in Obama’s Side; Obama Shrugs

On Wisconsin. Reclaim your honor lost for ousting one of the finest senators in recent history. You have an opportunit­y to lead the nation in overdue and justified protest.

Russ Feingold step forward. Progressiv­es stand united and need a strong liberal leader. Don’t waste yet another opportunit­y as others have recently done.

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Obama:  First Billion Dollar President??  2012 To Tell!!!

Several Republican governors have rejected President Obama’s job creating multi-billion dollar high-speed rail project.  This irresponsible behavior on the part of these so called leaders is an insult to the president and to the working men and women of their respective states.  And where is the president of the United States on this matter?  Excoriatin­g these right wing ideologues who call themselves governors should be as easy as taking “candy” from a baby.  Obama instead stands idly by and shrugs.

Does the president still believe these governors will listen to reason when at the root of their notorious behavior is nothing less than the total defeat of Obama and the Democratic Party, the people of their states be damned.

A cinch to raise the billion dollar entry fee into the 2012 election, Obama is so fearful that he may not become the nation’s first billion dollar president that he is scurrying away from yet another fight

If Obama backs down from attacking a governor who rejects job creating programs for a state badly in need of jobs than Obama deserves another shellackin­g. It is for Obama to be a thorn in the governors’ sides and not the reverse.

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February 16, 2011

Obama Hails Road Deregulation

File:Florida Highway Patrol in action.jpg

Patrolman investigates accident on recently deregulated highway. The school bus has sunk below the surface of the water. Fortunately all of the kids were strong swimmers and survived. The driver of the bus hailed the new Obama policy. Neither he nor the driver of the car will be issued a summons. Each will pay a small fine to help clean up the mess but will not be required to appear in court or to admit guilt.

President Obama has stolen another page from Bill Clinton’s deregulation handbook and his administration has decided to lift many of the burdensome rules that hamper the free use of the nation’s highways and byways.

And maybe it’s time for progressives to stop bad mouthing deregulation and start spreading it around a little more. Let’s think for a minute about how strictly our roads are regulated.

You pull out of your driveway in the morning and there’s this white line in the middle of the road that forces you to stay to the right.

I say we get rid of the white line. Think of all the tax money we can save on paint and help reduce the deficit.

Drive a little further and there’s a stop sign. Forced to stop. Then a traffic light. Stop again.

Talk about really aggravating road regulation. What about all those annoying school buses with the red lights flashing. Forced to stop. Next a school zone. Slow down. Stop again for some crossing guard.

Get rid of it all. Why should we be forced to protect some kid who can’t remember to look both ways before crossing? OK. So shit happens. But this could be a really good way to separate the wheat from the chaff. Only the lucky get to survive to get their drivers licenses. And our kids are among the lucky ones. They get to go to private schools where they’ll be protected by deregulated handguns and assault rifles and if they’re really lucky an RPG or two.

What about those sneaky, snarky state troupers who infest our interstates? They think they own the place. Get rid of them. Even more tax money saved. We could all go eighty, ninety, a hundred miles an hour and more. And since we’re all one of the lucky ones we get to survive that too. Think of it. A world in which only the lucky survive. What a wonderful place that would be.

How in the world could we have allowed all of this road regulation to occur in the first place?

Let’s get rid of it. Road deregulation would be a great issue for the Republican Party to put into its platform.

We deregulated the banks. Now it’s time to deregulate the roads.

After all, we can trust people to do the right thing can’t we?

February 16, 2011

Progressives United by Feingold

Our very conservative know it alls seem to think they really do know it all. They are now maligning progressives by calling them socialists because a new group is forming. Russ Feingold has inaugurated Progressives United and the right wing appears to be quaking in its Ferragamos at the very idea that some wealthy liberals may actually contribute funds to make this endeavor a huge success.

As for our right wing know nothings they need to read David Sirota’s column about socialism in the great American pastime, pro football. Who says capitalist­s won’t support socialism? If they can make a fast buck from it they’ll support anything?

What the fat cats don’t like about socialism is that in most cases there are no cash cows they can milk.

Not so in pro sports. Billion dollar stadium at taxpayers expense, anyone? Not a problem.

I wish Russ the best. Liberals certainly need a leader.

And I hope there isn’t a plane crash waiting for him in his future.

Wellstone, Carnahan, and even Heinz, a very liberal Republican­, all died in plane crashes. And there were others.  Not to mention two Kennedys and a King.

Has to make you wonder.

Anyway, count me in.

About Elections 2012

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February 13, 2011

Palin Sees Egypt from Roof of House

There’s a bulletin breaking on news organizations across the world. Sarah Palin just announced that she can see Egypt from the roof of her house while standing in a pair of high heels on a sixty five foot intercept antenna placed there by the CIA so she could keep current on foreign affairs.

On deep background, a spokesperson for the former Alaska governor stated that a great deal of valuable information has been collected through use of the antenna, particularly about Egypt and an offer by Hosni Mubarak to contribute a billion dollars to President Obama’s 2012 campaign if only he would authorize the use of drones in Tahrir Square. The president of course denied that such an offer had been extended saying he could raise that kind of cash in a week or two.

The spokesperson also revealed that Palin could receive satellite TV signals through the antenna without having to pay for the service.

Other intercept gathered by the antenna revealed the Soviet Union (sic) has developed a new secret weapons system identified only as the “Vernal Equinox”. Announcement of the new system is slated for early spring on a date which could not be ascertained by the intercept.

Apparently information has leaked about the new weapon, the spokesperson continued, since data indicates that the entire population of the Soviet Union (sic) is eagerly awaiting its arrival.

The Palin camp immediately informed the White House of the new Soviet (sic) weapon whereupon the president’s chief of staff phoned the governor and thanked her for the information saying that he thought Ms. Palin would make an excellent candidate in 2012 and hoped she would receive the Republican nomination.

Palin announces new Russian weapons system known only as the Vernal Equinox to troops stationed in the Middle East  Palin stated the new system is slated to arrive in early spring and predicted it would be deployed shortly thereafter.

File:Sarah Palin Kuwait 2.jpg

February 12, 2011

Students Rush to New Curriculum

Colleges and universities across the nation are rushing to take advantage of the recent disreputable business practices engineered by Wall Street financial institutions. Business departments are rapidly creating courses that focus on lying, cheating and stealing and how to get away with it.

A course at one prominent university will be entitled Criminal Behavior Without Guilt 101. The course will be a prerequisite for a follow up to be called Cheating and Stealing with Impunity 102. A third course planned for the spring, Applying Cold-Blooded Ruthlessness to Enhance the Bottom Line 103, will teach students the means to employ to achieve these goals and reveals ways to apply the methods to poor people to realize the largest gains in the shortest possible time. This course will focus primarily on methods to cheat and steal from the poor since nobody really cares about them anyway.

The final course currently available in the series is called Banks and Crooks: The Best Way to Rob a Bank Is to Own One. One chapter in the course textbook advises ways and means of achieving ownership of a bank. The easiest way to gain control of a savings institution is to win one in a poker game according to the chapter entitled How to Cheat at Poker and Win Every Time. Another chapter advises students on How to Turn a Three-Five Year Conviction into Six Months With Time Off for Good Behavior.

The curriculum has become so popular with the student body that the university plans to offer it as a major in the fall.  The next step in the advancement of the program will be to grant a degree in the discipline in about two years.

The Office of Student Employment Assistance is also excited about the program. A spokesperson, who agreed to make a statement under conditions of anonymity, says that corporate interest in students enrolled in the program is unprecedented and Wall Street firms have inundated the office with inquiries. He also noted that full scholarship grants from financial institutions have already exceeded the number of grants offered to athletes in the school’s entire athletic program.  In addition, construction plans to expand classroom and dormitory space to accommodate burgeoning enrollment are in the design stages.

File:Students Oxford University.jpg

Students rushing to enroll in new business curriculum Cheating Your Way to Financial Success.

(Photo courtesy of Mike Knell who denies any association with the post).

February 8, 2011

Even God Has Problems

I talked to God last night for the first time in ages. Last time we spoke he told me he had this problem.  Seems like he’s very shy. Has trouble hooking up with women.

I told him to go make one.  Or five.  Or ten thousand.  He’s God fa chrissakes.

Then He vanishes. For twenty years. No letters, no phone calls, nothin’.

Comes back exhausted.  Says He has another problem.

What problem? You can’t have a problem. You’re God for chrissakes.

It’s just not the same anymore, he tells me. With the women. Ya know what I mean.

Oooooooh, thaaaaaat problem. A million. Who told you to make a million!.  I said ten thousand.  No wonder you have a problem.

I told him they have a pill for that and sent to Walmart.

He comes back with a bag of M&Ms.  Says they don’t work. Taste good.  But they don’t work.

I sent Him out again.  He comes back soak and wet.

He thought I said Niagara.

This is God I’m talking about.  No wonder this world is so fucked up.

Below is a depiction of what human beings were supposed to look like.  But God forgot to add a little water to the dust so we came out looking like a bunch of damned monkeys instead.  He still looks a little horny though doesn’t he.


English: Creator of the Creator, ilustration by Luis Ricardo
Español: Creador del Creador, ilustración de Luis Ricardo.
February 7, 2011

SS Shortfall Projected at $250 Gazillion

Social Security faces a massive shortfall over the next 450 years, the Society for Human Replacement by Robots declared in its first annual report.

Robots will not only assume human shape in the very near future allowing them to replace men and women in performing both menial and complex tasks. But as the intelligence of robotic machines evolves it is feared these hominid like creatures will insist on a retirement plan of their own at some point in their existence. Since it is expected that the useful life of a 22nd century robot will be no more than 75 years while the life expectancy of an actual human by that time will exceed 150 years the demands that the two populations will place on the Social Security trust fund will be unsustainable. The burden will become especially acute since humans replaced by robots will no longer receive wages and robots themselves will not be paid a salary so that revenue will fall precipitously. Beginning in the year 2250 the shortfall is projected to be in excess of 250 gazillion dollars.

Actuaries familiar with the problem have suggested a penny tax be levied on each kernel of corn consumed by humans who have been displaced by machines. The tax on an average ear of corn, for example, will add about $10.00 to the cost of an ear and about the same to a 1000 flake box of cereal. The additional cost of a gallon of gasoline with ethanol should be no more than $50.00 according to the report. God only knows what a ten pound bag of cornflour will cost.

However, the actuaries suggested that grits made from corn be exempt from the tax to avoid the threat of rebellion from the southern states that once comprised the Confederacy.

Since only about 5% of the population will be able to afford food at these inflated prices, an added benefit to the tax will be a rapid decline in obesity among the small people. Life expectancy rates will also fall.

Given these adjustments, the shortfall in the Social Security fund should be no more than 175 gazillion dollars over the 200 year projection of the study, an amount, the actuaries estimate, that would be easily acquired by selling corn kernels to wealthy Chinese desperate to avoid starvation.

Success in the Struggle Against Obesity Saves Social Security

File:Hugo Simberg Garden of Death.jpg

February 6, 2011

Why I Call Myself a Socialist-Wallace Shawn

Great essay by a meticulous actor. He can steal the show.  The reasons he gives for his choice seem unassailable particularly when you consider the destructive nature of American capitalism.

There still seem to be people who revel in their rise from poverty to the heights of success attributing their accomplishments to only themselves and their hard work.

Never do such people realize that good fortune played a role in their success and dismissively they tend to demean those less fortunate who cannot rise up or whose careers are in freefall.

Sadly, too many of these people are purveyors of the notion that American capitalism created the greatest economic system the world has ever known. They are unwilling to or incapable of recognizing the savage nature of this cruel brand of economics, a system I refer to as T-rex capitalism because of its ruthless pursuit of profit and the debris in human lives it casually jettisons along the path to greater and greater wealth for fewer and fewer people.

For those who wallow in their success and celebrate the choices they made along the path, a comeuppance may be just around the bend on the cruel path to profit.

And if anyone of them loses a job tomorrow and can’t find another one for two years and has to accept work at a greatly reduced salary, then that person made all the wrong choices. Either that or the authoritarian nature of American capitalism has made the choice for them without regard for any individual’s needs

When your luck runs out you may find yourself in a small bedroom in a single wide trailer where so many lives began and so many still exist.. Many people are heading in that direction, discarded by a vicious brand of capitalism that offers diminishing rewards for the many and consigns the wealth of this once prosperous nation to a shrinking few.

I hope the luck holds, as mine has so far. But when it ends, all of the hard work will be meaningless and the savagery of American capitalism will discard us and the hard work and the lifetime of experience onto that great and growing heap of once prosperous careers.

Discussions of this post inevitably turned to socialism and how government activity in an economy other than to protect property represents interference in the affairs of business

I’m not sure how socialism applies to the discussion­. Even though Shawn describes himself as one, it is really a distractio­n here. In my remarks I was making reference to unfettered­, deregulate­d capitalism­, the direction in which the US economy has been moving for thirty years, and how this movement benefits fewer and fewer people.

If government acts to reverse this process it is fulfilling its role as protector of the weak versus the powerful and not engaging in socialist behavior.

The economy in this country has witnessed massive corporate mergers, experience­d deregulati­on resulting in great harm to millions and been victimized by a deliberate policy of lax enforcemen­t of regulation­s still on the books, all of which has resulted in a rapidly declining middle class. Add to this corporate friendly trade agreements written by the very people who represent corporatio­ns and it should be apparent that this new system of corporate domination of the economy and of government is a threat to the well-being of all but the wealthiest citizens.

What we are enduring now is an insatiable corporate drive for profit that casts aside any and all who stand in its way. If you are unlucky enough to find yourself in that position beginning anew will be difficult indeed because there are scant opportunit­ies remaining for those who are discarded by the voracious few.

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February 5, 2011

Blonde Island Resort In Maldives Planned By Lithuanian Firm


She looks familiar.