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February 5, 2011

Blonde Island Resort In Maldives Planned By Lithuanian Firm


She looks familiar.
February 5, 2011

Americans: The Submissive Class

Americans seem to be a submissive lot, many of whom are content to accept a lower class status. To encourage conformance, the patrician class seems willing to allow just enough wealth to trickle down to maintain a compliant lower class; just enough so most can eat and shelter and cloth themselves adequately, but not more; enough to survive to work another day in the service of their betters.

The patrician class has always known that they cannot profit without workers, those they refer to as “the small people.” The small people must be given necessities sufficient to survive at least through their useful working years. The small people are themselves a resource whose value is to be extracted until exhausted and then discarded as a waste product.

The necessities bestowed by the wealthy need not be above a subsistence level and they exclude non-essentials such as health care. Funds for retirement, slowly becoming an outmoded 20th century idea, are out of the question.

America is becoming a country with an economic dividing line in the middle. Half will live above the line and do well. The other half will wait on the tables of their betters and clean up after them.

The divide will work on behalf of the patrician class. The half who live above the line will do all in their power to maintain their status and oppose all efforts on the part of the small people to improve their lot or to resist.

Depicted below in The Potato Eaters by Van Gogh is the grim life of a peasant, a life that exists unnecessarily in much of the Third World today and may be returning to the developed countries of the West.