Progressives United by Feingold

Our very conservative know it alls seem to think they really do know it all. They are now maligning progressives by calling them socialists because a new group is forming. Russ Feingold has inaugurated Progressives United and the right wing appears to be quaking in its Ferragamos at the very idea that some wealthy liberals may actually contribute funds to make this endeavor a huge success.

As for our right wing know nothings they need to read David Sirota’s column about socialism in the great American pastime, pro football. Who says capitalist­s won’t support socialism? If they can make a fast buck from it they’ll support anything?

What the fat cats don’t like about socialism is that in most cases there are no cash cows they can milk.

Not so in pro sports. Billion dollar stadium at taxpayers expense, anyone? Not a problem.

I wish Russ the best. Liberals certainly need a leader.

And I hope there isn’t a plane crash waiting for him in his future.

Wellstone, Carnahan, and even Heinz, a very liberal Republican­, all died in plane crashes. And there were others.  Not to mention two Kennedys and a King.

Has to make you wonder.

Anyway, count me in.

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