Wisconsin Sheds Shame; Governors Thorns in Obama’s Side; Obama Shrugs

On Wisconsin. Reclaim your honor lost for ousting one of the finest senators in recent history. You have an opportunit­y to lead the nation in overdue and justified protest.

Russ Feingold step forward. Progressiv­es stand united and need a strong liberal leader. Don’t waste yet another opportunit­y as others have recently done.

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Obama:  First Billion Dollar President??  2012 To Tell!!!

Several Republican governors have rejected President Obama’s job creating multi-billion dollar high-speed rail project.  This irresponsible behavior on the part of these so called leaders is an insult to the president and to the working men and women of their respective states.  And where is the president of the United States on this matter?  Excoriatin­g these right wing ideologues who call themselves governors should be as easy as taking “candy” from a baby.  Obama instead stands idly by and shrugs.

Does the president still believe these governors will listen to reason when at the root of their notorious behavior is nothing less than the total defeat of Obama and the Democratic Party, the people of their states be damned.

A cinch to raise the billion dollar entry fee into the 2012 election, Obama is so fearful that he may not become the nation’s first billion dollar president that he is scurrying away from yet another fight

If Obama backs down from attacking a governor who rejects job creating programs for a state badly in need of jobs than Obama deserves another shellackin­g. It is for Obama to be a thorn in the governors’ sides and not the reverse.

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