Fat Chance!

File:Slum in Cairo.jpg

An Egyptian slum. American aristocrats believe their inferiors in the United States deserve no better. Don’t think so? Don’t kid yourself. We’re already headed in that direction.

Save $500 billion a year and demolish the deficit in 5 years​: Not a problem. Get America going in the right direction again: Not a problem. Here’s how it can be done.

Obama knows how it can be done; Boehner knows how it can be done; and so does McConnell, Pelosi and the whole gang of imposters in the Senate and House who like to think of themselves as representatives of the people when nothing could be further from the truth. This gaggle of corrupt apostates have renounced their oaths by their very actions and that is by representing only a tiny minority of the American people called the Special Interests.

Here are some of the actions the corrupt officials who reside in the wreckage they call the capital of the nation have assiduously avoided.

First and foremost, ending wars that long ago reached the point of stupidity. Come to think of it they reached that point the day they were begun. Terminating these stupidities immediately saves over $100 billion. Our military Einsteins – you know them by all the little thingies they wear on their chests – got us into these messes as much as ten years ago and still can’t figure out a way to get us the hell out. They’ve wasted ten years trying to build a police force and still haven’t succeeded. Anyway ending these tragic wars saves at least $100 billion a year. Stay with me now.

Next, cut war spending. This nation is doling out something like $550 billion a year on something we call defense. Defense from what? Cheating on Wall Street, greedy CEOs, double-crossing American corporations. If we could in fact be protected from these Judases it might be worth spending $550 billion a year. But we’re really not protected from much at all because, except for the menace of the Judases, there is little threat in the world to justify spending such vast sums of money.

OK, so you’re feeling a little insecure. You really don’t want to cut too much from a budget that keeps this big security umbrella over your head. Relax. No need to start sucking your thumb or curling up in a dark corner. Let’s say we cut just 5 measly percent a year from the war budget. In five years we save $125 billion dollars and we still have the biggest goddamned war kitty on the whole fucking planet and then some.

Stay with me now, because we’ve just saved $625 billion in just five years and we’ve barely started.

Now we are going to permit Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices with pharmaceutical companies. That alone will save $100 billion over five years and I’ve read estimates that calculate the savings at as much as $300 billion. But let’s go with the conservative estimate and say we save $100 billion. We’re now up to $725 billion in our five year period. But wait a minute. That’s just pocket change, lunch money compared to the next items.

Dump the profit health insurance companies because they are the Somali pirates in the industry and convert to a Medicare for All program and we save $200 billion a year at a minimum each and every year. Holy shit! We’re at $1.725 trillion and we haven’t even reached the big guacamole.

Let’s raise taxes on the rich. Since George W. Bush greased his tax cuts for the rich through Congress and up the middle classes asses, government revenue has declined by more than $1 trillion dollars. Or $500 billion in five years. Do you realize our total has now reached $2.225 trillion and that the budget is now in surplus and we still haven’t finished.

Here are some other deficit busting measures that add to the surplus. First a small tax on financial transactions and then closing corporate tax loopholes can add a minimum of $50 to $75 billion a year. And what about offshore tax havens. Eliminate those and we save conservatively $100 billion dollars a year. Do you realize we are now very close to adding close to $3 trillion dollars to revenue.

If we can’t close the loopholes it’s only because our corrupt elected officials refuse to do so. And as for offshore tax havens, that’s a very simple matter. Simply break diplomatic relations with these notorious island menaces, prohibit travel to these countries, freeze assets, outlaw all trade and transactions including financial and disrupt all electronic and telecommunications activity. And treat all other countries who dare to engage in this piratical behavior in the same manner. Diplomatic agreements with law abiding countries to break relations with the island pirates would quickly strangle the economies of these scoundrels and bring them to their knees.

Why hasn’t our government taken these actions to end this notorious tax evasion scam. It hasn’t because our government is utterly corrupt and wholeheartedly supports this criminal behavior. Our government is so utterly corrupt that it supports tax loopholes for corporations, tax breaks and tax cuts for the rich, outrageous profit for pharmaceutical and health insurance companies, unconscionable wars and a war budget that represents a grave threat to the entire planet. And you can ask an Iraqi or an Afghan or an Egyptian who has lived for thirty years under a dictator supported by American baksheesh about that.

We just saved about $600 billion dollars a year. If only we had an honest, democratic government.

Why then are the deficit manics screaming about a non-existent issue? Well there is more than madness to this dementia. These madmen are coming after you. They are crazed by greed. They want your money. They will purchase and own an entire government to get it. Whatever it is you have left, they want it. They are coming after the teachers and the policeman and the fireman and public servants of every stripe and every hard working man and woman in the country if not the world. However much money you earn by your hard work they believe it is too much. They believe you don’t deserve it and that they are entitled to it and they are coming after it.

So we now know how to erase the deficit in five short years. But is there any real prospect that this will happen?

Fat chance!!

(Photo courtsey of NoWhereMan 1977 at Wikipedia).

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