Sheen to Haiti. Sends Harem Ahead!

UPW. March 5, 2011.

Charlie Sheen departed for Haiti today following closely behind a chartered superjumbo Airbus A380 double-decker airliner rumored to have aboard a coterie of Mr. Sheen’s favorite female companions.

Mr. Sheen spent a total of eleven hours and twenty-four minutes kissing the ladies on the cheek and wishing each a safe trip before he himself boarded a specially designed Gulfstream G650 jet liner for his flight to the island nation.

Before departing Mr. Sheen waved to a crowd of well-wishers who had gathered at the airport terminal to see him off. Members of the crowd carried signs of support for Mr. Sheen reading “Creep”, “Jerk” and “Good Riddance”. Many held up their middle fingers in a display of fan loyalty seldom witnessed at the terminal.

File:Armenian Presidential Elections 2008 Protest Day 11 - French Embassy Demonstration 230pm general view.jpg

Throng of Sheen fans bidding farewell at airport.

Mr. Sheen issued a statement thanking his fans for the support they showed during his recent travails and assured the cheering throng that he was traveling to Haiti to help alleviate the distress among the Haitians in any way he could and that the ladies who preceded him were going there in an expression of brotherly love and were eager to fellowship with Mr. Sheen at every opportunity.

Updates to follow from the UPW newsroom.

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Bulletin from the UPW newsroom.

Charlie Sheen departs for Haiti. Mr. Sheen issued a statement saying the ladies of Haiti must truly be excited.

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