Palin Knows Africa a Continent

File:Sarah Palin Aviation Day.jpg

Palin receives award in Geography from unidentified Army Officer.

UPW March 7, 2011.

A spokesperson for Sarah Palin said today that rumors that the former governor of Alaska didn’t know that Africa was a continent were outright lies.

It is true that the governor didn’t know the exact location of the continent but she presumed that it was located somewhere on the planet and as far as she was concerned that was close enough.

The spokesperson further stated that Palin could not locate Africa because she was missing Volume 1 of her set of Funk & Wagnalls, an encyclopedia she obtained as a premium for $2.50 for each book when shopping for groceries at a supermarket.

In a late development the White House issued a statement that President Obama had two copies of Volume 1 and would be willing to trade the volume for a copy of Volume 5, a book missing from the president’s set.

Palin indicated that she was open to the trade but insisted on getting $5.00 in exchange for the volume.

Representatives for the two sides met secretly and announced a compromise agreement. The president would give Palin Volume 1 in exchange for her copy of Volume 5 and in addition the president would make a one time payment of $5.00 after his representatives inspected and approved the volume.

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