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March 12, 2011


Obama to transfer Texas to Mexico under terms of fast track trade agreement.

File:The Pentagon US Department of Defense building.jpg

A view of the Pentagon where plans are underway to start more wars.

UPW March 12, 2011

According to an unnamed White House source, who spoke under conditions of deep background, the Obama Administration and representatives of the Mexican government have been engaged in secret talks to arrange the sale of the state of Texas to Mexico for the sum of $2.4 trillion.

According to the source, the agreement between the two nations will take effect at noon Central Standard Time today.

Under the terms of the agreement, all Federal property would remain under the control of the United States Government for a period of ninety nine years. Control of conventional weapons would be transferred to the Mexican Armed Forces. Non-conventional weapons and the bases at which they are deployed would remain under U.S. control.

The administration is arranging for the transfer of the state under the terms of fast track trade legislation approved by Congress during the Bush Administration. Obama would also use authority granted to the president under signing statements President George W. Bush used to exempt the president from complying with Congressional legislation. Under these terms the president could bypass Congressional approval for the trade of Texas to Mexico.

The administration would use $1.4 trillion dollars gained from the trade to eliminate the current budget deficit.

To gain support from the Defense Department and defense industry officials and their lobbyists, Obama promised to use a trillion dollars to start another war.

The site of the war remains a secret and it would not begin until after Obama is reelected.

Leaks from the Pentagon however indicate planning is underway for an invasion and conquest of sub-Saharan Africa, a mineral rich region of the world that would give the United States control of a vast array of natural resources for centuries into the future.

According to the leaked information, the president has also gained the support of mining and other extraction industry officials. And informed sources report that Wall Street is elated by the prospect of more wars.

The White House source indicated the trade of Texas, a red state with 34 electoral votes, would almost ensure the president’s reelection.

Also revealed by the source are exploratory talks with representatives of Spain to trade Florida, a state likely to go Republican in 2012, and with the French government to trade red state Louisiana. The funds gained from trading these states would be used to finance wars.

For the first time in months the president appears excited about events moving forward in his administration.

Obama is reported to have said: “This is a lot better than dickering with Congress about some shit ass budget reductions.”

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