GOP Leads Baksheesh Race

File:Jolly Beggars, Milnathort - - 1654336.jpg

View of a street recently cleared by police of Democratic Party officeholders begging for baksheesh from K Street lobbyists.

UPW Newswire March 13, 2011.

The Republican Campaign Committee announced today it is leading its Democratic counterpart in raising campaign boodle. The committee, according to an unnamed spokesman, has raised millions of dollars in payoff money in exchange for favorable votes providing taxpayer largesse to bankers, corporations and insurance companies.

The exact figure raised to date has not yet been calculated because the labor force hired to count the money is inadequate. The committee announced today that it will be hiring more money counters if the cash volume received at headquarters in recent weeks continues at its current pace.

Most of the payoff money has been delivered by the US Postal Service using tractor trailers packed full with large canvas bags. The bags have been loaded on to pallets and are removed from the trailers using a fleet of forklifts.

Meanwhile, Democrats have been observed shuffling along K Street with knapsacks in hand appealing to lobbyists: “Baksheesh, sahib, baksheesh.

Corporate ass kissers among Democrats seem to be faring much better. Most already have enough boodle in their boxes to mount a respectable campaign in 2012. All have vowed to continue to provide welfare to corporations at taxpayer expense.


(Photo by Richard Webb who denies any association with this post).

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