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March 14, 2011


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Have another glass of wine, milady.

Quotes for all times:

Candy is dandy; but liquor is quicker.  Ogden Nash.

Wine is mellower; but works just as wellower.  Me.

March 14, 2011


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After the Democratic Party got crushed in the 2010 elections, was there any doubt that Obama would try to make more nice with the Republicans. What is surprising is that he didn’t try to become one. Although if he had, I’m sure the GOP would reject him. He’s been such a loser to date why would anyone want him.

And speaking of the shellacking he took, his Foxed up advisers apparently told him he was too lefty socialist and had to move quickly to the center. In reality, Obama has been so right of center he’d need binoculars to see the middle ground. He is as much a corpo-pres as was his predecessor.

The truth about the elections is that they were a revenge vote from people the president betrayed.

Sure, all candidates tell lies during a campaign but Obama won the blue ribbon in that category. His hopey, changey thing hit a populist cord with voters but when Obama turned on them, they turned on him at the first opportunity.

If the 2010 elections seemed like a horror movie, well that’s what they were. The Revenge of the Voter. And the president’s advisers still don’t get it even though he’s revamped his entire court replacing some of the most dreadful appointments any president has ever made with more dreadful appointments.

Obama is now scrambling to put together a winning team for 2012. Good luck. It doesn’t look promising.

The best hope for the Democratic Party today is that Obama declines to run for a second term although that prospect seems unlikely at the moment.

In the event he comes to his senses and refuses a second term, the Democratic Party will have yet another opportunity to put forth a genuine FDR type standard bearer – one who appreciates the legacy of the great liberal presidents who preceded the current office holder.

In the mean time, we will all have to suffer Mr. Nice Guy. And we know where nice guys finish. That’s last for anyone who doesn’t.

As for the final two years of his presidency, Obama seems set to remain a jester in his own court.