Dark Horse Wins Economics Prize

File:The Reagans waving from the limousine during the Inaugural Parade 1981.jpg

The Reagans celebrating a joyful moment together.

The Nobella Pizza Prize Committee announced the winner of The Schmuckup Prize in Economics at noon today from its hideout in Pasta Fagioli, Italy.

The decision has been long awaited and the announcement came as something of a surprise as the Committee designated Former President Ronald Reagan as the winner. The former chief executive was believed to be a dark horse.

However, Reagan won the award chiefly for his support and implementation of the Pisson Theory of Economics. According to the Pisson Theory reducing the amount of taxes paid will increase the amount of taxes collected. The theory has also been referred to as supply side economics.

In order to dupe those not familiar with economic theory, the economists on Reagan’s staff came up with a hairbrained explanation to support the Pisson Theory. According to the economists the effect of reducing taxes for rich people – especially very rich people who contributed payoff money to the president’s election campaign and to his inauguration extravaganza – will cause these very rich people to invest the money in the economy and thereby create jobs.

Reagan explained the idea in a statement made early in his first administration  “A rising tide raises all boats,” he said. Unfortunately for this president his rising tide sinks small boats and has continued to do so for some thirty years.

Most sensible economists knew the idea was a crock but it fooled just enough people enough of the time to get Reagan reelected.

Some thirty years later numerous Americans are still suffering from Reagan’s voodoo economics which some say came straight from a horse’s ass. So the committee proudly announces that the Nobella Pizza Prize in Economics – a prize named after its founder Don Alfredo Vito Nobella – goes to former President Ronald Reagan in recognition of the widespread economic destruction his Pisson Theory has caused.

The prize itself consists of a forged autographed copy of a picture of Don Vito himself while supplies last.

From the UPW newsroom – surpassing the Mainstream Media in bringing tastelessly worthless news the world over.

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