Headline in Local Newspaper Warning of Tax Hike.

File:Abandoned buildings in Phoenix Hill.jpg

Transformation across the urban American landscape.

A headline in a local newspaper and similar headlines in papers throughout the country offers local residents this choice: Cut expenses or raise taxes. That’s a no brainer.

The wealthy are rising up in support of the cuts and numerous working people are voicing their agreement.

Why should our friends and neighbors have better government jobs with good benefits when those of us who work in private enterprise have low wage jobs with limited or no benefits are concerns voiced by the working class poor.

According to a poll conducted by UPW reporters working people are fed up. It’s time to fire friends and neighbors and reduce taxes, especially on the wealthy, a majority agrees. And once budgets are cut by firing lazy no good for nothing public servants we can fire more in order to cut expenses further and give more tax breaks to the rich.

Local business owners are supporting reduced sales, revenues and profits that will result from firing their friends and neighbors who are also their customers in order to avoid a tax increase on their communities wealthiest citizens. These business owners agreed that they would rather close their doors and shutter their windows to avoid a tax increase that would keep their customers employed.

Many who participated in the poll agreed that the rich make contributions to their communities that can be seen across the entire urban American landscape and claimed to have voted in the last election to fire public servants to avoid tax increases on their communities’ rich.

From the Unreliable Press Worldwide: Surpassing the Mainstream Media in offering worthless news to people everywhere.

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