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April 3, 2011


President Receives Approval from Mexican Congress

Invasion of Wall Street Underway

Santa Anna Addresses the Mexican People

File:Tontine coffee house.jpg

Wall Street as it existed some two hundred years prior to the invasion.

President Cajo de Abelardo de Bolivar de Alejandro de Teira del Fuego de Cristobalo Domingo de Santa Anna of Mexico announced to his nation that his government had declared war on the United States of America.

The president recounted the many abuses and insults the Mexican people have suffered and endured over the years at the hands of the United States and that the US must now recognize and indemnify the people of Mexico for more than a century of mistreatment.

The president also announced that the Mexican Navy, some two months prior to the declaration of war, had dispatched a flotilla of heavily armed row boats across the Gulf of Mexico, around Florida, up the East Coast and into the East River where “At this very moment our navy is landing a battalion of our very brave marines directly into the financial capital of the world, Wall Street. Our marines, at this very moment, are in the process of occupying all buildings in the Wall Street area and within a matter of minutes I expect to have an announcement from General Abelardo de Deigo de Jesus de Alejandro de Domingo de Jose de Santa Anna that our brave troops have conquered all of the financial district of New York and that the richest banking center in the world now belongs to Mexico.”

At the White House, after an emergency cabinet meeting, a spokesman announced that President Barack Obama is “deeply disappointed” at the actions taken today by the government of Mexico. According to the spokesman, President Obama has offered to engage in direct negotiations with the Mexican president and invited Santa Anna to have a beer together on the White House lawn.

The president indicated that he might be willing to surrender Texas to Mexico in exchange for the occupied lands in lower Manhattan.

In view of the success of the Mexican armada, Santa Anna responded coolly to Obama’s offer saying Texas has a $28 billion dollar debt while Wall Street banks are sitting on hundreds of billions of dollars of cash. Besides said the Mexican president there are just too many white people in Texas and you know how much trouble they are.

In the meantime, Wall Street executives expressed their elation with Santa Anna’s offer to pay the highest bonuses in history if they would just play soccer on this one.

Executives poured out onto streets throughout the financial district and cheered the contingent of Mexican marines now in full command of Lower Manhattan.

Meanwhile, back at the White House, the president lunched on a cucumber sandwich and lemonade.

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April 3, 2011


The unemployment rate may have declined and job creation may be on the increase and perhaps that is good news for Obama.

But I haven’t yet read the breakdown of job distribution by industry. If half or so of the jobs occurred in retailing and hospitality, as has been the pattern in the past, the economy is still in failure mode

Obama remains somewhat of mystery. Is he a “free market”, specialist interest driven politician in the right wing mold of Ronald Reagan – the persona he displayed in his first term? Or can we expect a transformation into a progressive fighter for a declining middle class?

If he remains the former, the average American can expect even harsher treatment from its government, perhaps worse than it has witnessed in decades.

It pains me to remember that Obama reneged on the public option, signed off on new trade agreements, supported ineffectual financial reform, left many foreclosure victims in the lurch, appointed a deficit commission rigged against Social Security, surrendered on tax cuts for the wealthy and refused to fight for effective stimulus.

So. Which Obama can we expect if he is reelected in 2012?

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April 3, 2011


Some presidents take the bull by the horns; others grab the tail and are dragged along behind. Obama needs to be shown which end of the bull the horns are on.

File:Edouard Manet - The Bullfight.jpg

  • The Bullfight
  • 1865-67
  • Oil on canvas
  • 48 x 60,4 cm
  • Location = Chicago
  • Gallery = The Art Institute of Chicago