The unemployment rate may have declined and job creation may be on the increase and perhaps that is good news for Obama.

But I haven’t yet read the breakdown of job distribution by industry. If half or so of the jobs occurred in retailing and hospitality, as has been the pattern in the past, the economy is still in failure mode

Obama remains somewhat of mystery. Is he a “free market”, specialist interest driven politician in the right wing mold of Ronald Reagan – the persona he displayed in his first term? Or can we expect a transformation into a progressive fighter for a declining middle class?

If he remains the former, the average American can expect even harsher treatment from its government, perhaps worse than it has witnessed in decades.

It pains me to remember that Obama reneged on the public option, signed off on new trade agreements, supported ineffectual financial reform, left many foreclosure victims in the lurch, appointed a deficit commission rigged against Social Security, surrendered on tax cuts for the wealthy and refused to fight for effective stimulus.

So. Which Obama can we expect if he is reelected in 2012?

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