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April 8, 2011


For the first time on the Corruptus Maximus blog you can see a totally naked woman.

Artist Titian
Year c.1520
Type Oil on canvas
Dimensions 75.80 cm × 57.60 cm (29.84 in × 22.68 in)
Location National Gallery of ScotlandEdinburgh

Actually she’s not a bad looking babe. Bet she drove repressed medieval peasants wild. But of course if they touched themselves improperly they would be condemned to suffer the everlasting fires of hell.

Oh well, better repressed in this life than to be the victim of eternal damnation in the next.

And by the way, I apologize for being politically incorrect. Please change the word babe in the second sentence to woman.

Anyway, now that we’re into naked broads, here are a few more you might be interested in.

The Three Graces
Artist Peter Paul Rubens
Year 1639
Dimensions 221 cm × 181 cm (87 in × 71 in)
Location Museu del Prado, Madrid

Once you get past the Hollywood-Madison Avenue air brushed superficial beauty, the real world charm of the female form is a pleasure to behold.  Renaissance and late Renaissance masters appreciated the grace of women as reality presented it to them.  If we looked to those medieval artists who revealed the true glamor in our ladies, we should all have a greater understanding of the allure of the human female.  And we would all be better off for it.

I believe the modern term used to describe these ladies would be MILF.

Happy hunting!!!