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April 13, 2011


Yes, there is a penis museum. It’s referred to somewhat delicately as the Phallological Museum but it does exist and you will find it in the tiny Icelandic hamlet of Husavik.

And it’s open to visitors. Thus far exhibits have been limited to mammals and the museum just reported its first human specimen. It was removed from a 95 year old man who underwent the delicate surgical procedure.

File:Brooklyn Museum - My Name is Legion (Je m'appelle Légion) - James Tissot - overall.jpg

The search for specimens is a task without end.

Oh, I forgot to mention. The man was dead and the organ was removed from his corpse which he donated to science.

The museum does, however, raise many questions. For example:

Is this like a Hall of Fame?

Is there an award for admission?

Can anyone be nominated?

Can you nominate yourself ?

Do you have to be dead to be admitted or is a photo sufficient?

If you took performance enhancing drugs would you be disqualified?

Why is admission only for males? Isn’t that discrimination? After all females do have analogous organs.

On the other hand, would it be phallologically incorrect to display female organs in a penis museum?

And why limit the display to mammals? Why not include dinosaurs? I’m talkin’ T-Rex and Brontosaurus types here.

OK, so you use a little imagination and make some. If a hip bone is this many centimeters and a thigh bone is that many centimeters, how long would a…. Oh, well, you get my drift.

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