President seeks to cover all bases after abandoning his base.


The $25,000,000 smile.

Very soon Barack Obama may be looking for a job in an economy with no jobs. He will need to update his resume and the new one should look something like this:

Goal: Eager to join the aristocracy.

Employment: President of the United States: Jan. 2009-Jan. 2013.


  • Signed health insurance legislation that abandoned single payer and the public option.

  • Continued prohibition of prescription drug importation and prevented Medicare from negotiating drug prices.

  • Forced millions of Americans to buy health insurance increasing insurance company profits exponentially.

  • Allowed Wall Street firms to continue to deal in CDOs to protect untold wealth accumulation.

  • Protected too big to fail banks.

  • Abandoned net neutrality allowing telecom profits to mushroom.

  • Continued Bush tax cuts for billionaires.

  • Raised the retirement age and reduced Social Security benefits thereby opening the door to radical changes such as privatization.

Salary Requirement: $25,000,000.

And why not $25 million. After all his policies earned Wall Street that much just about every hour. And let’s not forget he has two daughters who will someday be getting married and that can run into some bucks for a man in his position.


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