Actually homosexuality is really nothing to celebrate – anymore than bisexuality or heterosexuality. You are what you are and that’s about it. So why celebrate.

But in the past, some artists and their patrons were titillated by ladies in various forms of embrace.

Two such works are noted in this post and modern connoisseurs consider the pieces to be among the finest of the many works of art of the same subject on display in museums throughout the world. 

File:Courbet Sleep.jpg

The Sleep by Gustave Courbet 1866.

This work was commissioned by a Turkish diplomat and was intended for his private collection. The motif is obvious and it is thought that this and other suggestive Courbet paintings were responsible for his reputation for moral depravity.

Athough the ladies appear to be sleeping, some art critics have suggested they are engaged in a romantic embrace and enjoying foreplay.

And just in case you didn’t notice, the detail on the vase in the background is spectacular.    

File:Gabrielle d Estree - Louvre.jpg

The subject matter is once again obvious – lesbian foreplay. The ladies are sisters enjoying a bath and presumably other delights. The model on the right is thought to be the Lady Gabrielle d’Estreese, a mistress of King Henry IV of France. The artist is anonymous.

OK. Enough dirty pictures for one day. 

(You can double click the images to see a larger view).

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