The Three Bombardiers of the Apocalypse appeared on File A Report Today. They agree that war with Libya may be inevitable.

File:John McCain and Lindsey Graham Al-Faw Palace Iraq.jpg

Sens. McCain and Graham trying to do what they do best: Start a war somewhere. Sen Lieberman was unable to appear at this event due to a bowel disorder he contracted when he lunched at Moustafa’s New York Style Pizza Establishment in Baghdad.

On his Sunday talk show File A Report Today starring Biff Bluster, the host interviewed the Three Bombardiers from the land of the warmongers, none other than Washington, DC. The three warmongers in question were John “Bomb Iran” McCain, Lindsey “I Love a Drone” Graham and Joe “Send a Bullet to Gaddifi” Lieberman.

Bluster’s first question was directed at McCain.

What are the dangers for the United States if we do not enter the war more forcefully in Libya?”

Well, that’s obvious, Biff. Al Qaeda would rise up from the ashes and threaten the lives of every man, woman and child in American.”

Biff’s then turned to Graham.

What is your feeling about Obama’s unwillingness to start another really big war in Libya?”

I see a pale horse and his rider’s name is death. And he is followed by another horse whose rider’s name is hell. And their mission is to kill with war and famine and disease.” Lindsey knew his answer would appeal to the Christian fundamentalists who populate his state from the mountains to the shining sea. “We’re heading for the Apocalypse if we don’t free Libya even if it takes ten years. We need to ignore the rest of the world just like our glorious leader President Bush did and drone the living bejesus out of Gaddifi.”

Lieberman interrupted with “death is the wages of sin. A judge must be sent to save us from our folly. So maybe it’s Donald Trump. Who knows? It’s sure not Obama. And I’m not convinced about his birth certificate. And maybe he’s a closet Muslim after all.”

Didn’t Obama support you during your last election campaign?  Senator Lieberman.”

Yeah, so what.”

Well, don’t you owe him a favor. You know, you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours. Isn’t that the way Washington works?”

I did Obama a favor when I voted against the public option, just like he told me. And that’s the last thing I do for him.”

And that’s our show for today, the show that invites Washington big shots to File A Report Today to the American people.

From the UPW Newsroom: Surpassing the Mainstream Media in reporting worthlessly useless news worldwide.

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