Jon “Orange Pekoe” Erradicat, a Tea Party favorite, appeared today on the Wolf News Network Sunday talk fest File A Report Today starring Biff Bluster.

File:Tent city in downtown Port-au-Prince 2010-01-16.jpg

According to Erradicat’s reform plan for Medicare, seniors who could not afford nursing home care would be provided with tents and a weekly visit from a health care professional. Food would be furnished by a local roach coach.

Erradicat is the president of a right wing think tank Going Bust. He is an advocate of voucher programs for both Medicare and Social Security and believes that government subsidies for both programs would encourage insurance companies to offer suitable plans to cover health care and provide for retirement security. He has written articles and sponsored scholarly research that contends that privatization is the only way to prevent the United States government from defaulting on its debt and that by giving seniors an opportunity to buy insurance in a free market they would benefit immeasurably.

The Going Bust president is a strong supporter of serious Paul Ryan’s serious plan to privatize Medicare. He was invited to discuss the serious reform plan that was being given so much serious attention by the serious Mainstream Media.

Biff Bluster asked a serious question of the serious reform plan passed by the serious House to get rid of Medicare once and for all.

Erradicat immediately interrupted Bluster and accused him of attempting to politicize the issue.

We’re not getting rid of Medicare,” Erradicat said in a rising tone of voice. “We’re reforming it. Nobody wants to leave seniors in the lurch. What we have is a serious plan to seriously improve the delivery of serious health care by providing an affordable and serious alternative.  Nothing is too good for our seniors.”

Serious Aly Shady, the serious economic analyst for WNN, asked a serious question about how much a serious voucher would be worth in serious Paul Ryan’s serious reform plan.

Erradicat ventured that his serious study group has not arrived at a serious final figure as yet but he offered that a hundred dollars a month would not be out of the question. The money would go directly to serious profit health insurance companies that offered serious plans to seriously ill seniors.

Erradicat said the serious vouchers could be worth more if serious profit health insurance companies needed a more serious subsidy to make some serious profit off the serious plan.

The serious Aly Shady then asked how exactly would the insurance offered by serious health insurance companies work if advocates of the plan refused to force insurance companies to provide serious coverage. Without serious coverage the serious plan to seriously reduce the serious deficit was a pile of serious balderdash. (That last remark was expunged from the broadcast but UPW obtained an unedited copy of the transcript).

The program ended on a note of thanks to Erradicat for discussing the serious MSM approach to the serious Medicare reform plan of serious Paul Ryan.


From the UPW Newsroom: Surpassing the Mainstream Media in reporting worthlessly useless news worldwide.

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