The most worrisome aspect for Obama about a Romney candidacy is that Romney seems to be a likable guy. An awful lot of independents will vote for a candidate because they “like” him even if it means cutting their own throats

File:US Navy 050520-N-4549D-002 USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67) Commanding Officer, Capt. Dennis E. Fitzpatrick, gives the Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney a tour of the conventionally powered aircraft carrier's flight deck.jpg

Mitt Romney pictured on the aircraft carrier Kennedy. The candidate is beset by a genetic disorder. He can’t keep his foot out of his mouth.

George Bush was a likable guy. How many times did I hear or read “Who is the guy you’d most like to have a beer with?” Just enough times to get Bush elected.

And if Romney campaigned in a pick up truck he could easily pick up enough pick up truck votes to win.

Hey, buy a ranch in Texas and the guy can’t lose.

His handlers would have to get him a fail-safe Teleprompter however just in case he forgot his lines. He definitely has a bad case of foot in mouth syndrome and it needs to be controlled.  He’s had to pull his foot out so many times now he could give lessons and he’s wearing out the soles.

Maybe he just needs some more practice.

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