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May 26, 2011


Korea Free Trade Agreement to increase trade between the US and Korea. Opportunities for jobs and new businesses abound.

Bun anyone?

The Korea Free Trade Agreement promises to increase trade between the two countries by leaps and bounds. Tariffs would be lowered for Korean motor vehicles and heavy machinery and for the US on such goods as wheat and orange juice.

Orange Juice!!! Say again.

Yep, that’s right. Orange juice. The KFTA promises to dramatically lower the tariff on good old American orange juice. A container of OJ now selling at $22.00 and change would have its price lowered to about $14.00.

WOW! How could I have been so wrong about trade agreements. Why, think of the possibilities.

Are you an unemployed orange juice salesman who speaks Korean fluently? Step right up. There could be a job waiting.

And for all you unemployed folks in Michigan, get your orange pickin’ shoes on and head for the groves.

And let’s not forget our bright eyed and bushy tailed entrepreneurs in that great Great Lake state. It’s time to invest in an OJ business. Better hurry though. This opportunity won’t last long. Lotsa people interested.

And Holy Arithmetic, OJman! Think of the multiplier effect for jobs this trade agreement could bring to the economy. There’s the never before heard of Certified Orange Squeezer. And community colleges could offer a two year program and hire fired teachers. A textbook for the course would go for at least ninety bucks. Great for the printing industry. Hiring would start the day the agreement was signed into law. Add in the pickin’ jobs and I’ll bet the unemployment rate would drop one tenth of one half of one percent. If we’re really really lucky maybe two tenths. Or would that be one fifth. Speaking of a fifth, some wild eyed inventor might even come up with an alcoholic beverage made from orange skins. And why not? Such beverages are made from rye, corn and potatoes aren’t they? Start saving up all those skins.

What’s that you say. There are no orange groves in Michigan. Well, get some seed, fool and start planting.

OK, OK, I get it already. The climate’s not right so oranges won’t grow in Michigan. You guys are really having a string of bad luck.

But let’s not get discouraged. Maybe we can make a deal on bakery goods. Hot cross buns, anyone?

Oh, sorry. Wrong kinda buns.          (Photo courtesy of Savaman via Flickr).

Hey!  What about a Twinkie business?

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