Well, I declare. Bachmann to declare. The representative from Minnesota has reportedly decided that she’s running for president. She will apparently throw her hat into the ring somewhere in the state of Iowa, her place of birth.


Michelle Bachmann for President.  The candidate said she really, really does know where Concord and that other place are located.

No way she can win the nomination though. The big money boys in the GOP are all right wing extremists. You know, the hate women types.

Well, they only hate women up to a point. After all, they are accustomed to putting the ladies to good use running errands, cleaning up after them and satisfying basic urges from time to time. Although in the latter case they are generous. Like, ya know, buying a half million dollars worth of jewelry.

You can’t say the rich don’t know how to treat their sex objects right. They enjoy showering them with: expensive Italian sports cars, expensive jewelry, vacations on the Riviera, expensive jewelry, million dollar birthday parties, expensive jewelry. But they would never buy a woman the presidency.

Sorry about that. Michelle. 



  1. I hope she really does run. It could be very entertaining. 🙂

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