The Nobella Prize Committe announced this year’s winner in the pizza category. In a press release from its hideout in Pasta Fagioli, Italy the Committee proclaimed Muammar’s New York Style Pizza Restaurant in Peshawar, Pakistan as the winner of the award.

File:Paella de cantina la rambla.jpg

One of the many fine dishes served at Muammar’s family oriented restaurant.

The restaurant was once part of a franchise owned by the Libyan government. The current ownership is uncertain. However, it is believed the family dining place is now operated through a joint venture agreement between the American CIA and the Israeli Mossad. The British MI6 is also thought to be a part owner.

Among locals the restaurant has come to be called the “spy cantina.” However, despite several high profile shootouts in the vicinity, the restaurant retains its appeal as a family dining venue.

It is also thought that Navy Seals frequent the establishment where nearby residents insist a number of assassination plots of prominent government officials and other world renowned figures have been hatched.

The restaurant is noted for the great assortment of pizza pies it offers including one that contains five varieties of mountain goat cheese and a special sauce on a sesame seed crust.

Also offered is a wide choice of pasta dishes available with meat selections obtained from local fauna such as Marco Polo sheep and Ibex goats. Ravioli stuffed with chopped mongoose is a local favorite.

File:Cantina Villa Franca.JPG A view of Muammar’s taken at a distance of several hundred yards with a telephoto lens. It is believed that wine is being fermented in the stainless steel tanks.

In addition to chicken and turkey, the establishment offers such fowl varieties as crow, hawk, falcon and eagle when the latter are in season.

Marinara sauce is a favorite. However a dozen meat flavored sauces are available. They simmer from the early morning hours with the meats noted above. Another popular choice is a sauce flavored with the corpse of a King Cobra snake when that delicacy is available. Meat lovers pizzas can be ordered with any combination of the varieties mentioned.

A surprise to foreign visitors is a menu that boasts country fried steak, Southern fried chicken and Western omelets with a side of grits.

The Nobella Committee noted that it was with great pride that it offered its Pizza Prize to Muammar’s New York Style Pizza Restaurant and Spy Cantina.

From the UPW Newsroom: Surpassing the Mainstream Media in reporting worthlessly useless news worldwide.

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