File:Supreme Court US 2006.jpg

The Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse:: Thomas standing, Samuel Alito standing to the right; Anthony Kennedy seated left; John Roberts center and Antonin Scalia seated to Roberts’ right. The other more reasonable members of the Court from top left are Stephen Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, John Paul Stevens and David Souter. (2006)



Clarence Thomas
Made a promise
To his wife of many years
And so relieved her constant tears.

To allay her many fears
Justice Thomas
Renewed his promise
That he would soon address the smears.

But then the judge
Would once more fudge
And hide the thrill
Of Anita Hill.

And when at last the judge did speak
About his case so very weak
Above the strident cries so shrill
Recalled he outfoxed Capitol Hill.

Then the gift of Lincoln’s bust
Stripped the judge of all his trust
He soon became a right wing tool
Yet of all the world he makes a fool.

The justice has a wife named Ginni
Who once upon a time was skinny.
When she disposed of all skirts mini
He wished she lived in Papua New Guinea.

To a woman quite fastidious
Ginni made a call so hideous
To expose a plot insidious
To paint the judge a man perfidious.

But all her efforts went for naught
For red handed the judge was caught
And on a payroll the two were bought
So both were left in moods distraught.

The call went out for the judge to resign
For behavior that was hardly benign
But the story of this judge and wench
Ends with the judge still on the bench. 


  1. I enjoyed your ode! That guy is a disgrace, as is his wife.

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