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July 31, 2011


Barack Obama has been designated “Keeper of the Lubricant” by the Obama/Reid deal currently under consideration in the Senate. When the legislation passes Obama will begin distributing the lube with choice of flavor and color – to help ease the pain of insertion for liberals.


File:MATA trolley unrestored Memphis TN 5.jpg

The wave of the future for America! Grab your seat compliments of Barack Obama and the Republican party. (Courtesy Thomas R Machnitzki. As always click the photo for the link).


Government in this country has been a case of the criminal pushing the criminal to shape a government of their liking.

Sadly, for the 98%, Obama doesn’t have to be pushed too hard to do the bidding of the 2%.

Should Obama win reelection he is set to become the next Herbert Hoover and he will affix a permanent stain on the Democratic party.


Joe Walsh, right wing Republican extremist, has been exposed as a deadbeat dad who owes more than $134,000 in child support payments. Apparently vacations in Italy with his girlfriend have put a crimp in his budget.

Perhaps he should be forced to resign. Failure to pay child support is an unconscionable social, moral and legal transgression.

Democrats, where are you???


Helping the needy is a Biblical mandate and a Christian obligation not a Democratic Party doctrine as right wing extremists often claim. Although Democrats are far more likely to observe the New Testament charge to help the poor, conservative Republicans openly exploit Christian values while with every vote they steal from the poor to give to the rich.


It appears as though both parties are focused on the same goal. The Democrats can’t get away with it without a correspond­ing increase in revenue. The goal is “cut and gut”. And applies mainly to the social safety net.

We do have a revenue crisis. Revenue collections are at their lowest levels as a percentage of GDP since the 1950s.

Let’s raise taxes on the wealthy.


Any deal that is struck will be about cuts to the safety net. A new proposal contains the ubiquitous “cut and gut” commission which is bound to be rigged in order to lubricate cuts borne by average Americans. Members appointed to the Cut And Gut Commission are bound to be safety net surgeons – of the same ilk as those appointed to Obama’s Catfood Commission.


What’s more important: Paying child support or taking a vacation to Italy with your girlfriend?

And the winner is – at least as far as the Congress of the United States is concerned – taking a vacation to Italy with your girlfriend.

Let’s hope this Joe Walsh, who is a deadbeat dad to the tune of some $134,000, someday pulls his pants down in the ladies room of a train station. That’s the only way Democrats could must enough gumption to force his resignation. Maybe.


CEO pay way up; workers pay way down. For those who have a job that is. One of life’s great mysteries is why do slightly more than half of all Americans vote to sustain the imbalance.


Obama is determined to cut the social safety net in order to fulfill a campaign promise to his Wall Street backers.

He’s already bagged cash to the tune of tens of millions of dollars. And there’s more where that came from. Disgusting.


Are you better off today than you were three years ago?

  1. Wars go on and on.

  2. Oil prices skyrocketi­­ng.

  3. Real estate values plummeting.

  4. Foreclosures accelerating.

  5. Bank robbers go free.

  6. Unemployment rising.

  7. Economy tanking.

And Obama’s on their side.


Half the country is so Foxed up, the only question that remains for them is which lubricant to use.


As a loyal Democrat, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) has no choice but to vote against the Obama/Reid monster surrender. As a servant of Barack Obama he will vote in favor, claiming he was forced to. No one is forced to do anything.

Obama is sailing his ship into an iceberg – with the Democratic party cheerfully on board.

Are you convinced yet that Obama is a traitor to the Democratic party​?

July 31, 2011


Obama may very well have an ulterior motive for not invoking the 14th.  He needs the “crisis” myth to fulfill promises made to backers.


A transparent smile. Behind it rests duplicity for the majority and joy for Wall Street backers.

But taking such a step would certainly work in his favor. For one, I believe the country, and probably the world community, would support his action.

There are several scenarios at work here. First it is not at all certain that the Supreme Court would intervene. A separation of powers issue is involved and the Court could certainly refuse to hear such a case claiming it is political and not legal.

Second, standing is an absolute requirement. Anyone who brought such a case would have to show harm, not an easy matter since it is doubtful that a trumped up cause such as in Gore v Bush would carry much weight with public opinion.

Third, the president could rely on his oath to defend the Constitution and declare that, in his judgment, the debt ceiling is unconstitutional. For example, the debt ceiling would prevent him from fulfilling his obligations as commander in chief. And as chief executive he also has an obligation to protect his country from harm, including economic harm. Again the debt ceiling would prevent him from carrying out his duty. In fact, failure to act may make him vulnerable to a charge of dereliction of duty.

Under these circumstances, the president could defy an unfavorable decision by the Court. And, as Jackson purportedly said of a Marshall decision with which he did not agree, let him enforce it.

An attempt by right wing extremists in Congress to impeach would bring laughter from the entire world let alone the country. It would be an act of political futility easily turned back in the Senate.

The president has the power to tie Republican extremists in a knot. Why does he not act? Is there an ulterior motive behind his inaction?

Yes, there is. I believe his goal, since his election, has been to fulfill a promise to his Wall Street backers, to cut Social Security and all the other safety net programs. And Obama will not be deterred from accomplishing his secret mission.

July 30, 2011


The crisis is the message. It is a plot with a masked purpose.

The safety net is the quarry; Obama the hunter.

We’re being jerked around. There is no deficit “crisis”.

File:Old trolley cars.jpg


A favorite quote from Gandhi: I like your Christ but I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.

Christians revere the message but ignore it. Most notably on the day Christians refer to as the lord’s day. Sunday, 11AM, is the most segregated hour of the week, every week.


Raising the tax rate from 35% to 39% has never been at the heart of the deficit issue because the debate is not about taxes or the 4%. It’s about dismantlin­g the social safety net.


Christians on the hard right do not necessarily support programs that help the poor. Many, particularly the wealthy who consider themselves Christians, are social Darwinists who believe poverty is self-inflicted and for that reason assistance for the poor is unjustified.


Joe Walsh, right wing Republican extremist, has been exposed as a deadbeat dad who owes more than $134,000 in child support payments. Apparently vacations in Italy with his girlfriend have put a crimp in his budget.

Perhaps he should be forced to resign. Failure to pay child support is an unconscionable social, moral and legal transgression.

Democrats, where are you???


Helping the needy is a Biblical mandate and a Christian obligation not a Democratic Party doctrine as right wing extremists often claim. Although Democrats are far more likely to observe the New Testament charge to help the poor, conservative Republicans openly exploit Christian values while with every vote they steal from the poor to give to the rich.


It appears as though both parties are focused on the same goal. The Democrats can’t get away with it without a correspond­ing increase in revenue. The goal is “cut and gut”. And applies mainly to the social safety net.

We do have a revenue crisis. Revenue collections are at their lowest levels as a percentage of GDP since the 1950s.

Let’s raise taxes on the wealthy.

July 30, 2011

Our American Heritage-Marilyn

Marilyn was an icon in her own time and is part of our American Heritage.

File:Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Movie Trailer Screenshot (34).jpg

From Gentlemen Prefer Blondes with Jane Russell (20th Century Fox-1953).

July 30, 2011


Privatization at work? Is this a peek at the future???  A future that would certainly be good for CEO bonuses.

File:NYCS R4 seashore museum.jpg

July 30, 2011

What’s the Matter with Liberals?

The same thing that’s the matter with Kansas. Liberals will slit their economic throats to vote for a president whose views are diametrically opposed to their own. Why? Because a president who claims to be a Democrat happens to share opinions on a handful of social issues

File:Rahm Emanuel supermarket.jpg

The originator of the Rahm Doctrine (right) and the man who helped President Obama kill the public option.

Do not Kansans do the same thing? Vote for a Republican who abides by their religious views while diminishing their economic status.

Liberals will vote for Obama because the “alternative is worse” without ever considering that the alternative is here and it is Obama. Who can deny that conditions are worse for the vast majority of working people than they were four years ago? Statistics from the Obama administration validate that statement.

Certainly the previous president must shoulder the blame for the recession. But only up to a point. And that point has passed.

For the worsening economic conditions – and they are becoming worse by the day – the current president must be held accountable.

By refusing to deny Obama a vote in 2012 Liberals will be reinforcing the administration’s policies and denying its accountability in the current economic mess.

So Liberals will go into the voting booth and vote for Obama claiming they will hold their noses when they cast their ballots. And, yes, Obama will once again be thumbing his nose at them.

I would encourage Liberals to shake off what I call the Rahm Doctrine: That Liberals will vote for any Democrat – even a false Democrat – regardless his stance on the overriding issues of the day simply because he is a Democrat.

I would encourage Liberals to abstain from voting for president in 2012. Leave the field blank. Vote only for real Democrats and not the pseudo-Democrats as represented by Obama and his right wing fellow travelers.

I would encourage Liberals to vote in the primaries and vote on Election Day. But it’s time to burst the shackles imposed on us by the Rahm Doctrine. If we do not break the chains the right wing extremists in the Democratic party will have won the final victory.

I would encourage Liberals to abandon Obama in the same manner as he abandoned us. To do otherwise risks buying a ticket on the DC Folly Trolley.

July 30, 2011



File:US Army 52049 Fallen Soldier Street Dedication.jpg

The nation’s War Department is exploring the possibility of ending the 20 year retirement program for the military.  Absolutely outrageous. Just another part of our corrupt government’s Stiff the Little Guy Program.

Will service members be forced out after twenty years?  Or will they be required to serve in combat well into their 50s and 60s?

The War Department claims that the retirement plan would be similar to corporate plans.  That raises the question:  Will corporate execs be forced to serve in war zones and get shot at? Just asking.

July 28, 2011


Obama will not use the 14th Amendment because that would end the crisis. And the crisis is the message.

File:MATA trolley unrestored Memphis TN 4.jpg

Obama has revealed himself to be extraordinarily determined to cut Social Security and Medicare.

He appointed Social Security haters to his Catfood Commission, a body he made sure would be rigged with safety net cutters. To his great disappointment his stacked committee failed to reach a consensus and so he had to delay his resolve to cut and gut.

But then there was the “gang of six” for the president to hang his hopes on. The gang was nothing more than another stealth attack on the safety net but Obama had high hopes for it. It too languished.

But Obama was undeterred. Surely the GOP negotiators would yield on the deficit non-crisis if he dangled his “cut and gut” before them.

Alas, it was not to be. OK, said the begging pres. No revenue increases in exchange for “cut and gut”. But please, pretty please, postpone another debt limit non-crisis until after the election.

But alas it was not to be.

Exit Eric Cantor, enter John Boehner.

And so began the negotiating tomfoolery with the Speaker of the House to raise the debt limit. All this sad sack president really wanted was to postpone a second non-crisis over the debt until after election day. Ya know, like, it would improve Obama’s chances for reelection. So Obama, as was expected, totally threw in the towel on tax revenue. The cuts were insignificant anyway and he knew it . All it would really do is eliminate a few breaks on trinkets for the wealthy. And they were just thrown in as a way to help Obama save a little face with his base.

But Republicans demurred and, as was expected, Obama caved. He didn’t need to save face with his base anyway. They were just a bunch of suckers who would vote for him no matter what. So screw the base. He did it before. No point in worrying about them anymore.

Take everything, take it all, said the pres. Just give me a debt ceiling extension until after the election.

Well, no said the Republicans laughing behind his back. Why give anything to a pres who has become the laughingstock of the country.

So the Republicans demanded trillions in cuts, no revenue increases, a six month extension and a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced.

Golly, gee said the pres. They can’t be serious.

He then called upon Harry. Yes, that Harry. The one who’s the Democratic leader in the Senate. Harry said the pres, give me something. But be sure it includes a cut and gut plan for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. After all these old folks have been getting away with far too much for way too long.

So Harry came up with a smiley face plan sure to please Republicans. It included huge spending cuts, no revenue increases and a sneaky, snarky cut and gut committee. If just only the Republicans would agree to a debt ceiling extension through 2012.

Well, you guessed it. The Republicans said no. Six months is the absolute limit.

What’s the moral of the story. After all, every story has a moral. And the moral to this one is Obama and his advisers are flaming idiots. To put it nicely.

Barack, Barack is now in hock.

Since he betrayed his liberal flock.

With the left he playfully toyed.

Till they became profoundly annoyed.

And now Barack they roundly mock.

Nominees to the DC Folly Trolley Hall of Fame will be announced shortly.

(The photo is courtesy of Thomas Machnitzki.  As always click the photo for the link).

July 16, 2011


ODE TO PAYOFF MONEY  (from a former Obama nut job).

His hope and change mendacity

He claims was really veracity.

But his shame’s without capacity

False hope exposed without opacity.


The record amount Obama raises

Brings to him hosannas and praises

From tony DC pundit land

To give this pol a stature grand.


No one dares to hurl the blame

That crooked money proffers shame

For a government gone far awry

Whose members in corruption lie.


So government becomes a mob

That takes a payoff for every job.

You gotta have the geetus true

So honesty they all eschew.


Obama postures stately and proud.

Grubbing cash from the money crowd

Without a hint of sinful guilt

So the money tree will never wilt.


Alas the working class will suffer

As the chief removes the buffer

While the social safety net

He gambles on an election bet.


Down the tubes he may get flushed

In 2012 he may get crushed

But in the money he places trust

Which we must view with harsh disgust.


And so the people he puts aside

With which some of us cannot abide.

To hope and change he once ascribed

Yet through his smile the too oft lied.


His hope and change mendacity

He claims was really veracity

But his shame’s without capacity

With truth exposed without opacity.

July 16, 2011


Ronald Reagan was pagan

For in mythology he lives

His place in space is quite Omegan

But of his sins no one forgives.

File:Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan aboard a boat in California 1964.jpg

Who ever thought she’d become president.


Who is not a right wing nut job

Nor member of a daffy mob

For his low rep’s far and wide.

His worshipers cannot hide.


He placed his faith in econ voodoo

That all life depends on what you do

But now the god myth will depend

On what his followers can defend.


So his minions still pretend

That the wealth will trickle down

But belief’s beyond the outer bend

And so we lift the anointed’s crown.


We speak of supply side gone awry

And what honest people now decry

A plan that soars a rich man’s wealth

But felled a nation’s business health.


Our dread leader Ronald Reagan

Was a modern twisted Fagin.

He used tax law to cheat the people

And turned them into silent sheeple


Ronald Reagan was no fool

He played in the rich man’s pool.

He soared to heights unexpected

But today is vastly disrespected


He sold his soul and people too

To spread the wealth to a paltry few.

His supply side was obnoxious

To his nation it proves quite noxious


And so the man must take his place

Quite low in the presidential race

He was a prop that rich men bought

Whose mind reflected frozen thought.

July 11, 2011



Rep. Paul Ryan wasn’t lyin’

When his plan increased ole folks dyin’

But he kept them from cryin’

‘Cause a voucher he vowed supplyin’

File:The Bayview Restaurant, Guantanamo.jpg

Nice place for some eats, huh, Paul. And a $350.00 bottle of wine.  Oh, barkeep.

No one said a word defyin’

When Paul Ryan sent us flyin’

To lame devices mystifyin’

Offered by insurers plyin’


Plans that fit a right wing mold

To furnish health care to the old.

Plans described as so untoward

That not a sick man could afford.


No insurance? Not to care

Go without it if you dare

There is lesson here to teach

For a voucher’s within reach.


Not to worry said Rep. Ryan

Who drank fine wine stupifyin’

He went about his usual dining

On gourmet food along with wining.


Wining and dining a hedge fund guru

And a professor from Chicago U.

Ah the life that riches bring

So squeeze the poor folks till they sing.


Not to worry so sing your tune

Your bad luck will hit a boon.

Our dear Rep. he is no sloucher.

You’re about to get a voucher


Can’t buy an apple eat a prune

To keep the body well in tune

T’will the doctor keep away

You’ll live in health another day


Then ply the gut with castor oil

And the virus you will foil

Who needs insurance anyway

When disease good bowels will cast away.


So if in trouble call Rep. Ryan

For his plan is death defyin’

He’ll send a voucher for you too

But after that you get the screw.

July 10, 2011


Knew a woman who became pregnant four times while she was on the pill. She once remarked that if she ever saw another hard on she would smack it with a hammer. She was a nice lady, very attractive and had four beautiful kids whom she adored. But I guess there’s a limit to everything.


The Future.


I was once a fisherman. Not any more. I finally decided that the thrill of catching a fish wasn’t worth the hassle of trying.

I recall opening days of fishing season when the Fish and Game Commission released millions of trout into the rivers of the state. Sounds like an easy catch; until you realized that the banks of the river – both sides – were packed elbow to elbow with fisherman as far as the eye could see. Kinda detracts from the peace and quiet and solitude that’s supposed to accompany fishing in a favorite spot.

When I finally got to that favorite place in the sparkling waters of Pennsylvania’s Lehigh River all the fish were caught and gone. It happened so quickly the trout didn’t even have a chance to spawn.


I am convinced flies can identify a flyswatter and know its mean purpose. We have all been annoyed by a fly. But when we have reached the limit of our endurance and rise to retrieve the executioner’s deadly instrument, the fly vanishes. At this point I become the great white hunter. At least as far as the fly is concerned. Occasionally the hunt is successful and I bag my quarry. But mostly not. So I keep the swatter in hand and for the most part the fly stays away.

Then I begin to wonder. How annoyed is the fly. All he wants to do is land on some soft warm skin and catch a breather. Then a monster of unimaginable proportions reaches for a death dealing device and begins swatting with totally uncalled for fury.

I’ve acquired a grudging respect for the little insect.  If the fly weren’t so fast he be executed in an instant. But he keeps getting away.  Perhaps he also knows that from this executioner there is no reprieve, no benefit of trial.  Death comes swiftly. Not even prisoners at Guantanamo are treated that harshly.

Then I began thinking.  Suppose the roles were reversed and the fly became the executioner.  I guess we should all be grateful there are no such things as human swatters for flies. You know what they say about payback.  Humanity could become extinct in just one summer.


At some point in the future there’s no more future.


I once saw a bumper sticker that read “Bumper Sticker”. I guess we’ve all seen that bumper sticker at one time or another. But have you ever seen a book of free verse with a price sticker? I have.


You’ve heard people say time and again “children are our future”. Kind of self evident really. Even the Neanderthals knew that. Or we might not be here. And they didn’t have to write five hundred page tomes to convince themselves.


To lower the deficit economists are devising new ways to calculate inflation. So I’ve come up with my own method of deficit reduction. Instead of using the Consumer Price Index to figure COLAs for Social Security recipients I would use the Fauna-Flora Inflation Index. It works like this. If you can’t afford to buy steak and buy chopped meat instead, since chopped meat costs less than steak, the rate of inflation declines. And if you can’t afford chopped meat and eat Bowwow Vittles in its place, inflation decreases even more. Can’t afford lettuce. Go out to the front lawn and cut some dandelion leaves. That results in zero inflation. And you realize an additional benefit: you don’t have to cut the damn lawn as often. Saves on gasoline purchases too.


I was never a hunter. I just never saw any benefit or fun in getting up early in the morning and sitting in a cold, damp forest and hoping some animal would pass across my gun sight. I also realized that of all the hundreds of thousands of hunters who trekked into the woodlands of the nation to feed their hungry families only a tiny handful ever returned with a kill.

Fortunately for those who came back empty handed, a wife was waiting patiently at home, fire in the hearth, meatloaf dinner on the table. And if it weren’t for those long-suffering, forbearing women, half the damn hunters of the world would surely starve to death.

File:Skiing picture.jpg


I was never a hunter. But I was a downhill skier. I saw the fun in waking at 6 AM on winter weekends and venturing out into the morning cold – temperatures as low as 28 degrees – below zero. Then confining my feet into walk impeding boots and locking myself into steel bindings. For some inexplicable reason there is a thrill in charging down a snow covered mountain at breakneck speed on two flat strips of plastic-metal composite. I did this at times when I was in pain, suffering from assorted aches, sprains, bumps, bruises and cuts. God that was fun.


My wife and I were married by a Justice of the Peace. Shortly before the ceremony the judge approached and said: “You know this comes with a guarantee, right”. I said: “You mean I can get my money back.” He said: “That’s right. But it’s only good for thirty days”


1.  Photo by Ernst F.

2.  Photo by Tilmandralle.

July 9, 2011


Party Encourages Viral Infection of Human Population. Spokesman Says Epidemic Would Increase Chances of Defeating Obama in 2012.

File:Influenza virus particle color.jpg

A virus viewed under an electron microscope.

A spokesman for the Republican Association to Destroy Barack Obama’s Presidency said today that GOP efforts to reduce funds for the National Institutes of Health’s program to discover ways and means of preventing and curing deadly viral infections in the human population were designed primarily to ensure the defeat of the president in 2012.

The RADBOP spokesman, who agreed to the interview under conditions of anonymity, said the party leadership was anticipating a huge viral outbreak with the expectation that hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions, of Americans would die during the epidemic. Many millions more would become seriously ill from infection.

Republicans are hoping the outbreak occurs in 2012 –  ideally about four or five months before election day. According to the spokesman, RADBOP is already in production with TV ads blaming Obama for the pestilence.

To ensure that the deadly outbreak arrives in time for the election Republicans in Congress have voted to trim the budget for the NIH by hundreds of millions of dollars. The departments affected would be those involved in viral and bacterial research. Republicans are prepared to cut more than a billion dollars in additional funding for the health institutes if necessary to induce an epidemic. Infections and fatalities, they believe, must achieve record levels before election day for the plan to destroy Obama to be successful.

In a related development, a spokeswoman for the GOP has warned local public health authorities to brace for the outbreak but not to expect Federal funding for preparations.

Local officials have been alerted to prepare to collect as rapidly as possible the bodies of humans who fall dead in the streets. The GOP recommends Corpse Collection Units for the purpose and emphasized the dire necessity that such units be established to help prevent infection from spreading among the wealthy and to avoid any inconvenience corpses in the roadways might cause to rich commuters and their chauffeurs during rush hours. The GOP stipulated once again that Federal assistance would not be forthcoming.

From the UPW Newsroom: Surpassing the Mainstream Media in reporting worthlessly useless news worldwide.

This media comes from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention‘s Public Health Image Library (PHIL), with identification number #10073.  It is in the public domain and used with gratitude to the CDC for their contributions to the advancement of human well-being.

July 9, 2011


Maybe Congress should hold an auction before important votes. Going once….

Great employment opportunit­y for auctioneer­s, five thousand dollar bid, dollar bid, dollar bid, who’ll give me six, six thousand dollar bid, dollar bid, dollar bid, who give me seven…..

Hey, it’s worth a shot. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

You scratch my back I’ll scratch yours. And they say politics isn’t corrupt.

Gather ye payoff money while ye may.

“What am I bid for my vote?”  It’s the American way of governance­.

Something we can all be very proud of.


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