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July 3, 2011


The Republican Deficit – $10.5 Trillion

The Democratic Deficit – $ 4.2 Trillion

And these rapscallions have Obama’s Fruit of the Looms twisted in a knot.

File:USCurrency Federal Reserve.jpg


If God is a theory, the Bible is a fable.


When times are hard some people will rob convenience stores to survive. Other people think that’s what they’re there for and it’s their right to do so.


Notice anything unusual about that last sentence.


Why is it that the plural of oat is oats but the plural of wheat is wheat. It is possible therefore to have one oat; but you can never have one wheat. Just saying.


A picture of three wheats.


It is of course impossible to be two places at one time. So why is it when you meet someone you haven’t seen in a while and ask where they’ve been they will say something like “Oh, here and there.” Sounds like a brush off doesn’t it? And maybe that’s why you haven’t seen them in a while in the first place.