A fleeting smile masks the wile; a silly grin becomes chagrin.  

Will he know the smile of victory? 

A president with stones of clay

Leaves supporters in abject dismay.

Pretty smiles on display

Hide intrigues of those who stray.

A mystery of ages past

Returns with a modern cast.

A winsome grin too easily beguiles

To mask a brew of hidden wiles.

The pres signs off on budget cuts

And caves to a party completely nuts.

Will this leader acquire some guts

And stop acting like a total putz?

Then face the trolls and enter the fray

To take control and seize the day.

Drastic cuts we are forced to face

Are simply put a national disgrace.

The president can save the day

By raising taxes to defray

The costs the wealthy hate to pay

So still with robbery they get away.

But in spite of all the urging

The president continues purging

Our lifeline social safety net

In a purge we won’t forget.

He toys with votes he will require

But by his actions fails to inspire.

A smile alone won’t win the day

For his votes will also stray.

Thus some predict gloom at the polls

And a jubilant victory for the trolls.

File:Obama thinking.jpg

Or the gloom of defeat???


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