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July 8, 2011


If Obama continues his hard charge to the right he risks splitting the Democratic party or destroying it altogether. True Democrats – not imposters like Obama – must come to the realization that Obama is a right wing extremist and deal harshly with that reality.

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Leave him to his own devices. He has shown no loyalty and is owed none. If Obama does not decline to run he will lose in 2012. To abandon him is a matter of self-preservation for the Democratic party and its members. Begin the planning for 2016.

Loyal Democrats must therefore begin to think the unthinkable: Demand that Obama decline to run for a second term. He has become a liability to the party and could very well ruin whatever chances it has for success in 2012. There is still time but the left wing of the party must act quickly and decisively knowing that it owes no fealty to the disloyal Democrat in the Oval Office.

Other avenues are available to deal with this apostate such as a challenge at the convention or a split convention or even individual members disassociating themselves from the president and his policies. These paths all represent risky steps. But Obama is taking the party on a road to possible extinction and he must be stopped at any cost.