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July 11, 2011



Rep. Paul Ryan wasn’t lyin’

When his plan increased ole folks dyin’

But he kept them from cryin’

‘Cause a voucher he vowed supplyin’

File:The Bayview Restaurant, Guantanamo.jpg

Nice place for some eats, huh, Paul. And a $350.00 bottle of wine.  Oh, barkeep.

No one said a word defyin’

When Paul Ryan sent us flyin’

To lame devices mystifyin’

Offered by insurers plyin’


Plans that fit a right wing mold

To furnish health care to the old.

Plans described as so untoward

That not a sick man could afford.


No insurance? Not to care

Go without it if you dare

There is lesson here to teach

For a voucher’s within reach.


Not to worry said Rep. Ryan

Who drank fine wine stupifyin’

He went about his usual dining

On gourmet food along with wining.


Wining and dining a hedge fund guru

And a professor from Chicago U.

Ah the life that riches bring

So squeeze the poor folks till they sing.


Not to worry so sing your tune

Your bad luck will hit a boon.

Our dear Rep. he is no sloucher.

You’re about to get a voucher


Can’t buy an apple eat a prune

To keep the body well in tune

T’will the doctor keep away

You’ll live in health another day


Then ply the gut with castor oil

And the virus you will foil

Who needs insurance anyway

When disease good bowels will cast away.


So if in trouble call Rep. Ryan

For his plan is death defyin’

He’ll send a voucher for you too

But after that you get the screw.