Ronald Reagan was pagan

For in mythology he lives

His place in space is quite Omegan

But of his sins no one forgives.

File:Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan aboard a boat in California 1964.jpg

Who ever thought she’d become president.


Who is not a right wing nut job

Nor member of a daffy mob

For his low rep’s far and wide.

His worshipers cannot hide.


He placed his faith in econ voodoo

That all life depends on what you do

But now the god myth will depend

On what his followers can defend.


So his minions still pretend

That the wealth will trickle down

But belief’s beyond the outer bend

And so we lift the anointed’s crown.


We speak of supply side gone awry

And what honest people now decry

A plan that soars a rich man’s wealth

But felled a nation’s business health.


Our dread leader Ronald Reagan

Was a modern twisted Fagin.

He used tax law to cheat the people

And turned them into silent sheeple


Ronald Reagan was no fool

He played in the rich man’s pool.

He soared to heights unexpected

But today is vastly disrespected


He sold his soul and people too

To spread the wealth to a paltry few.

His supply side was obnoxious

To his nation it proves quite noxious


And so the man must take his place

Quite low in the presidential race

He was a prop that rich men bought

Whose mind reflected frozen thought.

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