Obama will not use the 14th Amendment because that would end the crisis. And the crisis is the message.

File:MATA trolley unrestored Memphis TN 4.jpg

Obama has revealed himself to be extraordinarily determined to cut Social Security and Medicare.

He appointed Social Security haters to his Catfood Commission, a body he made sure would be rigged with safety net cutters. To his great disappointment his stacked committee failed to reach a consensus and so he had to delay his resolve to cut and gut.

But then there was the “gang of six” for the president to hang his hopes on. The gang was nothing more than another stealth attack on the safety net but Obama had high hopes for it. It too languished.

But Obama was undeterred. Surely the GOP negotiators would yield on the deficit non-crisis if he dangled his “cut and gut” before them.

Alas, it was not to be. OK, said the begging pres. No revenue increases in exchange for “cut and gut”. But please, pretty please, postpone another debt limit non-crisis until after the election.

But alas it was not to be.

Exit Eric Cantor, enter John Boehner.

And so began the negotiating tomfoolery with the Speaker of the House to raise the debt limit. All this sad sack president really wanted was to postpone a second non-crisis over the debt until after election day. Ya know, like, it would improve Obama’s chances for reelection. So Obama, as was expected, totally threw in the towel on tax revenue. The cuts were insignificant anyway and he knew it . All it would really do is eliminate a few breaks on trinkets for the wealthy. And they were just thrown in as a way to help Obama save a little face with his base.

But Republicans demurred and, as was expected, Obama caved. He didn’t need to save face with his base anyway. They were just a bunch of suckers who would vote for him no matter what. So screw the base. He did it before. No point in worrying about them anymore.

Take everything, take it all, said the pres. Just give me a debt ceiling extension until after the election.

Well, no said the Republicans laughing behind his back. Why give anything to a pres who has become the laughingstock of the country.

So the Republicans demanded trillions in cuts, no revenue increases, a six month extension and a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced.

Golly, gee said the pres. They can’t be serious.

He then called upon Harry. Yes, that Harry. The one who’s the Democratic leader in the Senate. Harry said the pres, give me something. But be sure it includes a cut and gut plan for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. After all these old folks have been getting away with far too much for way too long.

So Harry came up with a smiley face plan sure to please Republicans. It included huge spending cuts, no revenue increases and a sneaky, snarky cut and gut committee. If just only the Republicans would agree to a debt ceiling extension through 2012.

Well, you guessed it. The Republicans said no. Six months is the absolute limit.

What’s the moral of the story. After all, every story has a moral. And the moral to this one is Obama and his advisers are flaming idiots. To put it nicely.

Barack, Barack is now in hock.

Since he betrayed his liberal flock.

With the left he playfully toyed.

Till they became profoundly annoyed.

And now Barack they roundly mock.

Nominees to the DC Folly Trolley Hall of Fame will be announced shortly.

(The photo is courtesy of Thomas Machnitzki.  As always click the photo for the link).

3 Responses to “THE DC FOLLY TROLLEY”

  1. No, kind it is not. I’m a former Obamaphile who went from excitement to disappointment to anger. And for the moment, that’s where I’m stuck. Thanks for the comment.


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