Barack Obama has revealed himself to be one of the strongest, and at the same time cagiest, presidents in U S history.

File:Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel in the Oval Office.jpg

In politics, you gotta have the geetus. And so secret campaign promises must be fulfilled. Take from the poor and give to the rich and the rich will shower you with campaign cash.  

Obama did not “surrender” in the debt ceiling negotiations. He got exactly what he wanted. In the legislation is the Obama Cut and Gut Commission – a committee that represents a far greater threat to the middle class than the failed Obama Catfood Commission.

This president has displayed extraordinary determination in his perverted quest to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Why would Obama – now clearly a pseudo-Democrat – sellout the working classes of his country?

Here’s my take on the Obama betrayal. He sold his soul and the soul of his country to his Sugar Daddy Donors promising during the campaign that he would do his utmost to kill the social safety net. In exchange for his soul Obama received record amounts of payoff money from his Wall Street benefactors to finance his run for office.

By doggedly pursuing cuts to his nation’s most cherished programs Obama has once again displayed undivided fealty to his Sugar Daddies. And they are responding in kind. Already Obama is bagging tens of millions of dollars in cash.

The words crafty, cunning, devious do not do justice in describing this man’s duplicity.

He has set the stage for the first round of cuts to the programs. Worse, Obama has opened the floodgates to future cuts by right wing extremists who have only begun the war and who are now greatly encouraged to continue the assault. The vendetta the right has borne for decades is about to realize a deadly revenge.

I have no evidence that any of the above is a valid analysis. However, it seems less and less farfetched every day.

And so the question reverberates: Why?



  1. I’m beyond disgusted with Obama’s deal! I don’t know if it was deliberate on his part or incompetence, but he has betrayed everything that Democrats hold dear. And that’s why I wrote him a LImerick Ode To A Failed Presidency..

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