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August 2, 2011

Keep Your Eye on the Little Ball

Just a bunch of limericks about a fast dealing president who proves once again the hand is faster than the eye.

File:Poster-sized portrait of Barack Obama.jpg

The smile that beguiles.

Barack Obama sacked his base

Who will he count on in his race

After all the campaign’s snide

Obama will return less pride

Where he should have stayed in the first place.


Chicago is the windy city

And he’ll return with little pity

He weighed upon us hard and tragic

Believing he could weave his magic

But it finally failed this Walter Mitty.


In the end he lost his friends

Not with them could he make amends

And so the White House he will leave

While few of us will ever grieve

On friends betrayed no one depends.


A future bleak for us portends

Uncertainty around all the bends.

When Obama set his course

He did so without remorse

But his actions none defends.


Barack Obama kicked a punt

But all who follow know a stunt

As we witness a total surrender

We get smacked with a real mind bender

And the pres. acknowledges us with a grunt.


We’re separated by a country mile

Our views divergent won’t reconcile

Yet brazenly he clings to “Democrat”

Treating our party like a college frat

And so we’ll work to change his domicile.


The backroom deal is now complete

With secret terms it is replete

The Dems surrendered with little fight

Forced to heel by Obama’s might

They meekly accepted a total defeat


Liberals insulted by the president’s slight

Voiced displeasure from the height

Then voted for Obama’s ruse

To know the future needs no muse

It’s bleak and offers sorry plight.


Obama took a fighter’s dive

Hard to see how he can survive

He appeals to a mythical middle

All the while plays Nero’s fiddle

And now must deal with an angry hive.


His nation to suffer he allowed

Yet faces us with head unbowed

With hubris he orders sacrifice

And brings upon us a heavy price

While taxes for the rich disavowed.


No shared sacrifice from this failed leader

He deals with troubles as a rich Wall Streeter

GDP and jobs declining

He calls complaints liberal whining

And stuffs more wealth in the rich man’s feeder


While the wealthy feed at his trough

To the rest he says bug off

But vote for him you have no choice

So in victory he can rejoice

Yet behind our backs he’ll surely scoff


His fences now he must repair

Lest his journey ends in despair

The anger spreading like a fire

Will consume him on a pyre

No time to waste for this corsair.


He catapulted to liberal fame

Then chose triangulation as his game

We all wished him great success

Now he leaves us with a mess

And a plan together we must defame.