I’m a recovered Obama nut job.


Nuts to Obama from a former Obama nut job. (Photo by Kitorisi).


At the moment I’m considering abstaining in 2012, leaving the presidential field blank. I see no point in voting for a candidate whose views I don’t agree with. I will vote but for liberals only.

It’s often more important to vote in primaries where liberals may be running than in general elections where decisions as to who will be the candidates have already been made.


While grubbing campaign cash from his rich pals, Obama actually appealed to them to support his attack on Social Security and Medicare, our National Savings Plan.


Obama has his crosshairs focused squarely on the social safety net. He is lusting to cut the programs that amount to a National Savings Account for the American people. By voting against Obama in 2012 liberals can reestablish Social Security as the third rail of American politics.

It must be made clear that Obama’s base has deserted him because of his inimical views toward our National Savings Account, our social safety net. The president has even appealed to his rich goombahs to make him cut the sacred programs. However, Obama has touched the third rail and he must be made to pay the price.

And why should liberals remain loyal to a president who has openly and repeatedly betrayed his progressive base. Nothing could be more telling than the egregious lies the candidate repeated endlessly during the campaign.


Another good reason to defeat Obama is the dreadful condition of the economy he has done so little to improve. These conditions will persist well into the years of the next presidency. In fact the next president of the United States could very well become the Herbert Hoover of the 21st century.

Republicans will offer nothing but tax cuts as a solution and should Democrats accede to their demands, the economy could be sent into a steep spiral.

What party more than the GOP deserves the blame for the harsh economic conditions that exist and for an economy that will certainly continue to decline.

If Obama wins, the Democratic Party suffers the consequences and will be a pariah for a generation. To save the party, Obama must go down to defeat.


Mitt Romney said the US can not afford to repay the money it owes to America’s National Savings Plan.

Romney is suggesting that the US Government continue to take the money from the National Savings Plan such as Social Security and then refuse to pay it back. He is a typical Republican welsher who will steal from the middle and working classes and redistribute the stolen money to his wealthy friends.


Nearly half of all Medicaid funds are used for grandma and grandpa as they transition from this life to the next. And unless you die suddenly your future and fate will likely reside in a nursing home while you await the final curtain.


The power of the presidency – this time Obama’s presidency – once again stands behind cuts for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.


Ii should be crystal clear to anyone who is paying attention that Obama is not a progressive. This president has led the attack on our National Savings Plan, that is, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.


If the people appointed by Reid and Pelosi are not liberals who will stand firm against the “cut and gut” Republicans, we will know the committee is rigged once again by Obama who has shown from the beginning of his administration a willingness to take the knife to the National Savings Plan, that is, Social Security and Medicare.


In the wake of Standard & Poor’s downgrading of the US credit rating, President Obama called upon members of Congress to seek solutions to the current economic downturn through compromise.

Compromise????? Is he daft??? Could he not be aware of Einstein’s definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.

The Republicans have rejected compromise over and over again for the simple reason that they don’t want solutions to current economic conditions. They’re perfectly OK with a slow economy and high unemployment. Let’s face it, it suits their agenda. All of their actions since Obama came into office have been designed to defeat Obama in 2012. They’ve openly admitted it.

So they approved a stimulus designed to fail, engage in obnoxious debt ceiling negotiations and threaten to send the nation into default. Suits the agenda to a tee. For now they can blame Obama for the results: A stagnant economy and high unemployment.

Under such circumstances the only compromise Obama could squeeze out of these saboteurs would be more tax cuts for rich people. And as soon as the GOP calls tax cuts a compromise, Obama, no doubt, goes for it.

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