Corporations are adhering to an economic principle that it is more economical to pay a slave wage than to pay to support a slave. Wage slavery is more profitable than actual slavery. Is the wage slave the fate of the majority of Americans???


File:Mitt Romney Steve Pearce event 068.jpg

Mitt Romney: Coming out of the shadows and into the drink?


Obama is not to blame for the Great Republican Recession. He is however at fault for refusing to address the problems it caused.


Now that Obama’s rich Wall Street goombahs are starting to feel some pain, maybe he’ll wake up and begin to address the real problems caused by the recession – even though he certainly lacks credibility on the issue. Two jobs for every house.


Religion is a business. Particularly the fundamentalist TV preachy type religion. These TV religions, most of them Christian, collect vast sums of money for the preacher in the pulpit, very often earning the preacher millions of dollars. On which he pays no taxes because religion is a tax exempt business. As the song goes “nice work if you can get it”.

Holy revelation, Batman! I missed my calling. I coulda bin a TV preacher multimillionaire with a private jet and a runway in my backyard!


Mitt Romney made one of the lamest statements any politician has made so far this election season. Romney, a corporation’s best friend, really does think corporations are people. Furthermore, judging by the statement, he believes corporations were created to serve the people.

The statement was in response to a question about Social Security and Mitt answered that corporations are persons and what they earn goes into people’s pockets, my friend – the “my friend” part being an assumption.

Hmmm. Some people’s pockets. My friend. Actually, damn few peoples pockets. My friend.

Mitt Romney is the consummate corporation man who needs to be disabused of his opinions about corporations. Or at least muzzled by his handlers for making such anti-people statements. If he keeps this up his candidacy might not make it to the Iowa caucuses.

Mitt? Oh Mitt? Are you there? Come in, Mitt!

Houston, we have a problem. Mitt Romney is lost in space.

Well, if Mitt doesn’t understand this, perhaps one of his more politically astute advisers can explain why corporations are not persons despite the plutocratic Supreme Court’s recent decisions.

You see, Mitt, people pay their fair share of taxes; corporations do not. Moreover corporations hire gangs of lawyers to help them weasel out of the taxes they should be paying. My friend.

What corporations earn does indeed go into the pockets of people. Most of it into the pockets of 2% of the people. A good portion of the rest goes into excessive bonuses for CEOs and senior executives. My friend.

Corporations earn profits by outsourcing jobs and exploiting workers in Asian countries by paying slave wage salaries. My friend.

Si capisce.


There are reasons not to vote for Barack Obama in 2012 that have only a little to do with his policies. For one, the economy is in desperate straits and not likely to improve in the next five years. And Republican policies will only make things worse. Far better to have a Republican in the Oval Office – even if it is Bachmann – under these circumstances than a Democrat. Why? Because the party of the president will almost certainly be blamed for the bad economy and will likely become an outcast for twenty years as happened after the Great Depression.

Also, it is better to look to 2016 and hope that the country has within its soul another FDR who will repair the damage done to it by the GOP and reclaim the New Deal legacy. It’s clear by now Obama is not that man.

It’s possible that Democrats in Congress will stiffen their spines (or what remains of them) and resist the attacks on the social safety net that a Republican will surely make. Should Obama continue to pursue his assault on Social Security and Medicare it is unlikely the Dems would resist.


Democrats are still blaming Ralph Nader for Al Gore’s loss in 2000. Here’s the real deal. Nader was not at fault. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Al Gore lost his home state of Tennessee in 2000 – a Gore preserve for decades. That loss was the result of utter incompetence on the part of Gore and his campaign advisers.

Gore’s legal team in Florida was outwitted repeatedly by the Bush team. Again due to incompetence. There were legal avenues available to his lawyers that they either overlooked or decided not to explore for reasons still a mystery to this day.

Blaming Nader was a Gore cop out. 

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