Well, duh!

Obama had a “well duh” moment the other day. He seems to have discovered the country lacks jobs. So he’s put together whatcha call your “jobs tour”. Rented a whole bus. With a driver. Even brought along his teleprompter. Although according to an anonymous source some asshole in the White House forgot to pack the extension cord. Probably Biden.

File:Sen. Joe Biden attends a Creston house party.jpg

You wouldn’t happen to have an extension cord I could borrow, would ya, fella?  (Photo IowaPolitics.com)

Obama got so confused without his TP he said Social Security is not an entitlement. He actually said it was a savings plan paid for by payroll deductions and it didn’t contribute to the deficit.

When Bill Daley heard the comment he got on the hot phone to the pres and warned him any more horseshit statements like that and Wall Street would kick his ass clear up to Yankee Stadium.

John Kerry was so pissed off he had to go count his campaign cash to calm down.

Patty Murray was in a panic thinking she might actually have to recommend defense cuts to reach the trillion plus goal of the Catfood Commission. And after she just got Boeing to start writing checks. Oh, well, she knew raising campaign scratch wouldn’t be easy.

And Max Baucus needed an emergency double Jack and soda to keep from passing out.

Not to worry though. The White House sent out critical calls to CEOs and bankers advising them not to pay too much attention to what the president said. After all, he’s just campaigning among the small people.  And goddam Biden forgot to pack the extension cord to the teleprompter.

One Comment to “Well, duh!”

  1. Scarily close to the truth. 🙂


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