Sex On Campus

It’s been so long since I’ve been to school that back then “sex on campus” meant fill in the blank with M or F.  I may be old-fashioned but as far as I know those are still the only two choices available.  But who can tell?

File:US Navy 081204-N-8273J-055 Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Gary Roughead cheers with the U.S. Naval Academy cheerleaders during a pep rally at the Pentagon .jpg

Sex on campus has come a long way, baby. The female sex that is. These ladies were not only cheerleaders at Annapolis. They are beautiful and bright and are now serving as officers in the United States Navy. The guy in front is some admiral.  

Times have changed no doubt.  I’ve often warned my son to bring along an umbrella if he thinks it might rain.

I gave him some extra cash so he would stop at a CVS on his way back to school.

Yes. The ladies can take a pill but why trust the gods. They are not only fickle; they love to play tricks.

Not only can the ladies take a pill; so can the professors. Not the same pill of course.

The only difference between sex on campus today and sex on campus back then is that back then a “relationship” usually required a relationship. Everything else was the same.

Everything I know about a woman’s body I first learned from a book. It came in a plain brown wrapper. That’s how you could tell it was a sex book.

You had to be twenty one years old to order it. And you had to sign on a dotted line stating that you were twenty one. I was fifteen.

I worked, earned money and had a savings account. I sent a money order; they sent the book.

The book had sketches of, ya know, those things.

I read the book together with a girl who lived across the street. We lost our innocence that summer.

Tell you a really deep, dark secret. Because I worked in a supermarket and got to know the guy who stocked the drug shelves, I was able to buy umbrellas from him.

Now we weren’t frightened at all about disease back then.  But we were deathly afraid of getting a girl pregnant.  And the girl was even more afraid. For one thing, if it happened you had to get married.  It was the decent thing to do.  Not just for the two individuals involved, but for the baby.

Most people believe the sexual revolution was born in the sixties.  And the barn door certainly opened wide during that decade. For some of us, especially the girls, that was still the time of “if my parents knew they’d kill me”. But the door was blown off in the seventies, the everything goes decade.     

Yet if you’re like me, the time you remember most is the first time. And it wasn’t even on campus.

2 Comments to “Sex On Campus”

  1. My first time wasn’t as nerve-wracking as my first time buying umbrellas….

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