The DC Folly Trolley – 08/20/11

A phrase from the Bible that Washington aristocrats would rather forget: It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.

File:Camels Cholistan Desert.jpg

Wanted:  Billionaire in the market for a really big needle or a very tiny camel. Anyone know where these items can be found?

Actually, aristocrats never cared one bit about the phrase or the entire Bible for that matter.

But getting a camel through the eye of a needle is not a difficult matter. All you need is a really big needle or a very tiny camel.

There is also an apocryphal story that a small gate existed in the ancient city of Jerusalem called “The Needle’s Eye” through which a camel could fit only by crawling on its knees. The gate could be a possible source of the Biblical expression but there is no textual or archeological evidence that such a place ever existed.


The right wing often argues that Social Security is broke because the funds are not kept in a lockbox.

That is true. But there are no lockboxes anywhere. Need proof? The next time you’re in the bank where you have your savings account, ask the banker to show you the lockbox where he keeps your deposits. Or your broker to show you the lockbox where he keeps your investment dollars. That should raise a good chuckle out of them.

The fact is you don’t want savings, investment dollars or Social Security savings kept in a lockbox. The purpose of that money is to earn interest and increase the value of the savings and the investments.

So your Social Security savings are invested in the safest investment in the world – U S Treasuries – where they earn interest and increase in value. And, if you don’t already know this, you’re SS savings are guaranteed by the full faith and credit of the U S government.

The only way anyone can ever cheat you out of your savings is to call into question the full faith and credit of the U S government.

Get my drift.

The reason the right wing brought up the issue that because there was no lockbox Social Security was broke was to convince gullible Americans that the funds had vanished and the government could rightly welch on the U S Treasury bonds owned by the fund. In reality, the fund has a nearly three trillion dollar investment that is growing everyday.


Where is Barack Obama?

Oh, Barack.  Are you there, Barack?  Can you hear me? Come in, Barack.

Houston, we have a problem. Barack Obama is lost in space.

You mean he’s not lost anymore!!! He’s been found? Oh, really? He went a bus tour? Of states in the Midwest whose people are suffering from high unemployment and unprecedented foreclosure rates? He made a speech on jobs? That’s interesting.

And now he’s on vacation?

Well, I’m glad he’s not lost anymore.


Have you heard the latest DC rumors? We’re staying in Afghanistan until 2024. Got to build us a police force there and it’s taking longer than expected.

A police force!!!!! It’s going to take us some twenty five years to build a police force????? Well, that’s what are military Einstein’s are telling us.

I wonder if the region’s vast natural resources could have anything to do with that decision.

Or the fact that Afghanistan’s geographical position makes it a natural location for a pipeline to transport gas and oil from former Soviet republics.

Just asking. 

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