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September 27, 2011

Our American Heritage – Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II

Oklahoma, South Pacific, Carousel, The King and I, and The Sound of Music were unqualified successes on Broadway and in Hollywood.

Who does not know the Christmas classic about the von Trapp family? The Sound of Music is replayed every year on television and is as popular as any Disney animation.

The excerpt below is from the movie version of The King and I starring Yul Brynner and Deborah Kerr. Brynner won the Tony Award for his Broadway performance and stole the Academy Award show when he won the Oscar for Best Actor. 

September 25, 2011

Random Musings

Random Musings:  Sometimes a waste of time. But not always.

From time to time I muse randomly. I imagine everybody does. But for some reason my musings get stuck in my brain until I write them down somewhere or record them on an old mini recorder – you know the kind, it still has a tape.

Well, anyway, when you’re in the mood to read someone else’s thoughts of no real consequence, you can meander over here and suffer through some of mine.

Be glad to read some of yours by the way.

File:Auguste Rodin - Grubleren 2005-02.jpg

The Thinker by Rodin.


Republicans want to destroy Social Security and create an alternative profit retirement system. No doubt such a profit program would cause a collective Wall Street orgasm heard round the world.


Have you noticed that corporate goombahs in Congress practice an artful form of propaganda that would make Joe Stalin proud. Maybe even put him to shame.

For example, legislation intended to curb the financial crimes of Wall Street was referred to as reform. Also, during its long journey through the gauntlet called Congress, the health care law was repeatedly referred to as reform. And when members of that notorious body put forth ideas to dismantle Social Security and destroy Medicare, what word do they use to describe their subterfuge. Yep, that’s right. They’re going to reform the programs.

That brings to mind two of the great propaganda campaigns of the late twentieth century. The Dr. Jekyll of diabolical legislation Phil Gramm created two of the most monstrous pieces of pernicious legislation in American history.

What sneaky word did this master of monsters use to describe the laws? Why modernization of course. Here are the perverse titles of the two laws most responsible for causing the current meltdown of the U.S. economy: The Financial Services Modernization Act and the Commodity Futures Modernization Act.

As we all know, Bill Clinton, one of the worst presidents of the second half of the twentieth century (NAFTA was one of his other tragic blunders) signed into law these two Gramm nurtured monsters at the behest of a couple of Wall Street consiglieries, the Treasury secretaries Robert Rubin and Larry Summers.

But who could resist when the gist of the laws was modernization.

So when you hear the words reform and modernization regurgitated by Congressional goombahs, you can be pretty certain you’re being flimflamed once again.

By the way, goombah may be Italian slang for crony but you don’t have to be Italian to be chummy with corporations and their lobbyists.


There’s a book out entitled The World’s Stupidest Politicians. It occurred to me that this subject is one with unlimited source material. (If you’re interested in reading it the authors are B. Karg and R. Sutherland).


You’re getting old if you remember that swipe meant steal.

Have you ever dialed a phone number? Most people alive today have never done so.

Do you remember phone booths? If you do it’s probably from a Superman movie.

Olivetti and Smith-Corona once made typewriters and adding machines.

The old supermarket refrain – paper or plastic – is long gone. The paper shopping bag has passed into history.

File:5450801 m-1-.jpg

A brown paper shopping bag.

Do you remember drive-in movies. Or when petting meant fooling around in the back seat of a car. And when heavy petting was a more passionate form of just plain old petting. When getting to first base wasn’t a baseball term. Nor was scoring big.

By the way drive-ins were once called passion pits – for obvious reasons. Some time in the 80’s they began to vanish and became shopping malls.


Now just about everyone has run into this nonsense: Thank you for calling Bullshit Corporation. How may I direct your call?

I’ve always wanted to reply: “You may direct it straight up your boss’s ass.”

Alas, I missed my chance. If I said it now I’d be speaking into a voice mail recording. Just wouldn’t bring the same satisfaction.

There’s a reason for that little ditty by the way. First it is supposed to make the customer calling Bullshit Corp. grateful that the company is grateful for the call?

Second it eliminates unproductive chatter by the operator so she can get back to work stuffing envelopes at the switchboard. Basically, the direct your call question means hurry up and tell me what the fuck it is you’re calling about you so I can get you out of my hair and return to stuffing all these goddamn envelopes.

It’s hard to believe that companies actually paid management consulting groups hundreds of thousands of dollars to come up with such nonsense. No doubt the owner of the consulting firm was the CEO’s brother-in-law.


I’ve always believed that hard work trumps IQ – as does laziness. To wit, a person of modest intelligence can achieve much through hard work. On there other hand, an exceptionally bright person who is lazy can fail. Of course the truly bright who work hard are the creators who advance the cause of civilization one inch at a time. And last but not least there are the dull witted and lazy who achieve through the good fortune of birthright. Some recent presidents bring to mind individuals in the latter group.


Want to end the dispute over closing Gitmo? Let’s employ that sneaky Congressional method we mentioned above and apply the time tested method of propaganda by changing a few words to make the Gitmo experience sound more pleasant.

In the future, prisoners will be referred to as guests. Chow delivered on metal platters through small openings in the guests cages will be called room service. And the cages themselves will become suites.

So if you wanted to call a cousin who is a guest at Gitmo, you might hear something like this:

Thank you for calling Guantanamo Hotel Resort and Conference Center, Jewel of the Caribbean. How may I direct your call?

The prisoner in cage 46, please.”

You mean the guest in suite 46? One moment please.”

Hey, if Congress bullshits us everyday, why not give the Marines an equal opportunity.


On that word changing train of thought, have you ever wondered what happened to swamps. You never here about them anymore. Have they suddenly vanished from the face of the earth?

Uh, no they haven’t vanished. They’ve become wetlands. Gotta admit that sounds a lot better than swamp.

How about jungles? Where have all the jungles gone? Disappeared? Wrong again. They are now rain forests.


Well, I’ve just wasted another perfectly good hour. One nice thing about rain on the weekend: No yard work. Of course, if you’re down at the beach….

September 24, 2011

Big Republican Lies

As always Robert Reich, a former Social Security trustee, Secretary of Labor and currently professor at UC Berkeley, exposes the empty headedness of Republican economy ideas, which reveal themselves over and over again to be nothing but balderdash.

Reich in this five minute segment strips away the right wing subterfuge and exposes it for what it truly is: Propaganda whose sole purpose is to further enrich the rich.  

You might also be interested in the graph that highlights the deficit accumulation by the last five presidents. If the GOP is out in front on anything its deficit creation.  Recall the Mr. Hyde vice president Dick Cheney who famously said:  Ronald Reagan proved deficits don’t matter”.  Apparently they only matter when Democrats are in the Oval Office and working to improve the economy.

September 20, 2011

The DC Folly Trolley-09/20/11

It’s All Your Fault!!!

Well, guess who’s responsible for the Great Recession. You are. Who did you think was responsible? Wall Street??? Gimme a break.

File:New York Stock Exchange 1882.jpg

The New York Stock Exchange – the heart of Wall Street even in 1882.

The Wall Street goons who issued subprime mortgages and then bundled them into tranches and sold them as AAA CDOs and MBSs???  You think they’re the ones who are responsible??? Where did you come up with an idea like that? It’s not them. It’s you, you lout. You’re at fault.

You think it’s maybe the rating agencies like Standard $ Poor whose executives pocketed all kinds of scratch to rate the CDOs AAA. Let’s get real here. It’s not them. It’s you. You’re responsible.

Are insurance companies to blame like AIG who issued CDSs to insure all those CDOs and MBSs without adequate reserves to back them up? What are you smoking? It’s not them. It’s you.

How about American corporations who outsourced millions of jobs and then got tax breaks up the ying yang from Congress for outsourcing all those jobs? Is it their fault? There you go again. Always blaming somebody else. Never you.

Or how about all those corporations sitting on trillions of dollars of cold cash and refusing to invest it to create jobs? Nope. Wrong again. You just can’t face up to the truth of the matter.


The normality assumption of the Black–Scholes ...

Image via Wikipedia



The New York Stock Exchange the day after the crash in 1929. There were no government bailouts in those days. Investors took the hit for their wild and crazy speculation.

Listen to your president. You know, that guy. Barack Obama. He believes if all of the unemployed and underemployed and underpaid pessimists in the land would just – now pay attention because here comes the quote – “Shake off all the naysaying and the anxiety and the hand-wringing” why things would be honky dory again in jig time. So stop being such tight fisted tight wads and shake loose some of that spare cash you’ve been collecting and take a trip to the mall.

And you thought I was being facetious, didn’t you. Well, I wasn’t. So there. The Great Recession really is your fault after all.


Obama made another nice speech the other day. Maybe you heard about it. It was on TV and he’s really getting good at it.

Obama says he wants a tax increase on rich people as part of the deficit reduction proposal the Senate’s Super Cat Food Committee is working on. And the pres says if he doesn’t get increased taxes on the wealthy he will veto any proposal the SCFC submits to the White House.

Wow. That must have scared everybody in Follyland.


Michelle Bachmann – you remember her, she’s still one of the Repub candidates for the nomination – well she said that the financial legislation passed last year is killing the banking industry.

That’s interesting. Wall Street banks posted record profits; CEOs and executives received billions and billions of dollars in salaries and bonuses; and the banks and corporations are sitting on trillions of dollars of cold cash.

If that’s killing Wall Street, what a way to go!

Bachmann however can be excused for making such a statement. She was never very good at complex mathematics like addition and subtraction. She can never remember to carry the one.


Somebody in Follyland noticed the other day that gas prices are high and blamed Obama for not taking the oil companies to task and forcing them to lower prices.

Then somebody else in Follyland replied that government has no business interfering in the free market.

As we all know crude oil sells in the free market except for the monopoly organization known as OPEC which dominates the free market and rigidly controls supply and price.

Moreover, we all know that refined products sell in the free market except for the oligarchical control exerted by a handful of oil company behemoths who rigidly control supply and price.

Further, we all know gasoline sells on the free market with the exception of Wall Street manipulated commodity exchanges.

All hail the free market.

Yeah, right. Like there’s really a free market anywhere in the galaxy let alone the planet. Still don’t think you’re being jerked around? Think again.

September 18, 2011

Our American Heritage-Tony Bennett

Frank Sinatra called him his favorite singer and he is certainly a national treasure. Here is a classic and no one does it better than Tony Bennett, a part of our American heritage.

September 18, 2011

Our American Heritage-George Carlin

George Carlin, a great comedian and through his comedy he became a great social observer and commentator. George Carlin is part of our American heritage.

Many of us are aware that we are living under an utterly corrupt government.  As such it cannot be a democratic government.  That is the message of Carlin’s skit.  

The only thing we have to oppose the new American aristocracy, the tiny wealthy elite that owns the US government, is numbers.  But not the vote, for the vote is meaningless, worthless.



September 17, 2011

The DC Folly Trolley-09/17/11

Go jump in the ocean!

Not only did Obama refuse to enforce tighter environmental regulations, he turned his back on whales. Yep, that;s right.  No protection for you, big fella.  Not even whales can depend on Obama.

File:Obama thinking.jpg

Woe is me.

Conclusion: There must be a big time whale lobbyist sending payoff money to the White House. No voter group is too small to pander to if they can come up with enough campaign scratch. It’s the American way.


Look for a Romney-Perry ticket in 2012. It’s certainly a possibility. Perry would be Romney’s perfect Cheney substitute. And there have been stranger matches: Kennedy-Johnson, Reagan-Bush.


Have you heard? The president proposed a jobs plan. It was all over TV the other day.

The plan contains elements the GOP will never accept. But it has a few items the GOP will approve. So the GOP will reject what it does not want, like most everything that will be useful. And approve all the worthless items like tax cuts.

Prediction: Obama accepts the tax cuts, makes a little noise about what was rejected and when the plan fails as it is designed to by the GOP, Obama takes the hit.

Does anyone else think Obama set himself up again?

Is it possible for a person to blackmail himself?

Just asking.


A better approach for the president would have been to leave the tax cuts out of the proposal. One thing you can depend on is the Republicans proposing tax cuts. It is at that point that the negotiations begin. The president then accepts the tax cuts and the Republicans offer stimulus money in exchange. By withholding cuts the president forces the Republican’s hands.

When the president included the cuts in the original proposal however it placed the GOP in the enviable position of accepting them and rejecting everything else. Now the president is forced to accept the cuts or reject his own proposal.

No question about it. Obama once again set himself up for a GOP hit.


Excuses, excuses, excuses, If the Democratic Party excels at anything it’s making excuses. Like the ones they’re making of the smashing defeat a Democrat just suffered in the special election in New York City. You know, the one to fill the seat vacated by Anthony “Facebook Flasher” Weiner. Yep, the dumb Dems blew it big time.

But wait. Here comes the spin, by the shovel full. That district isn’t really a bellwether after all. It’s permeated with conservatives. Like, ya know, Orthodox Jews. Oh well, any port in a storm.

Actually, the vote in the Democratic stronghold of New York City has revealed a number of extremely disturbing portents. Among them is the fact that many Democratic voters no longer trust Obama to do the right thing by them and at least some may actually vote to oust the president. In New York City no less. That has to be at least as disturbing as the loss of Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat in Massachusetts.


Massachusetts, New York City!!! Time to press the panic button. Gee, the president might even take Social Security cuts off the table. Social Security cuts?  Yep, that’s right.  Undoubtedly the most spectacularly inept proposal a Dem president ever made. Well, fear not. After New York City wopped the pres up the side of the head, he’s come to the realization that some Democratic voters may be unhappy with the way his running the country.


Now here are a few examples of why Democrats might be unhappy with a right wing Democratic president. If the majority want to end Social Security as it is now structured it doesn’t need Obama to do it. If the majority wants to end Medicare, it doesn’t need Obama to do it. If the majority wants to continue entitlements to the war industry, it doesn’t need Obama to do it. The Republicans are perfectly capable of accomplishing all of those things all by themselves.

So who needs Obama.


Surrender you can believe in.

So Obama served up an ultimatum to Congress: pass his jobs bill as is or he would reject any other proposal. A couple of days later he relented. Yes, he would accept portions of it. Reality once again struck after it was too late. It’s really getting hard to be angry with this guy. Sooner or later you just have to feel sorry for him. He’s that pathetic. With his jobs plan he had set himself up in such a way that not to accept portions of it would be political suicide. So much for Obama and ultimatums


During the campaign Obama misrepresented just about everything he stands for. Yes he fooled a lot of voters big time, including me. So when voting now why not screw them that screwed you. Al least you get a good feeling from the payback. Hey, Rahm. Did you ever think about that?

Face it already. This guy is awful. Nice smile. No substance.

If the Dems don’t dump him they are going to get creamed in 2012.

September 14, 2011

Magellan Board Names Replacement

Board of Directors Announces Pussyfoot Replacement.


An artist’s rendition of Mr. Genghis Khan arriving on Wall Street with his entourage. 

The board of directors of the Bank of Magellan has announced the Bank’s new CEO to replace the cashiered P. Percival Pussyfoot. Mr. Pussyfoot was fired unexpectedly several days ago.

The board has named Mr. Genghis Khan to the position and stated that he will step into his new role as chief executive of the largest bank in the galaxy on Monday.

The speed with which the appointment was made led observers to believe the move was under consideration for some time.

Mr. Khan brings with him extensive management experience having led the affairs on one of the largest tribes occupying the central steppes of Asia since the death of his father some two decades age.

The tribe’s investments have increased exponentially under Mr. Khan’s stewardship. He is credited with managing one of the largest portfolios in all of Asia and with adding extensive land holdings to the tribes assets in little more than a decade.

Mr. Khan also reclaimed for his tribe large swaths of land that once belonged to the former Soviet Union. And he has been aggressive in foreclosing on mortgages that were in default throughout the steppes and the recently acquired land.

In addition to these accomplishments, Mr. Khan has been effective in convincing executives of Dushe $ Bagge to make good on the CDSs the Khan tribe held with the insurance division of the firm. Shortly after the policies were redeemed in full Mr. Khan made good on his promise to release the board of directors – from any further obligations, that is.

Mr. Khan is also expected to increase the bank’s visibility with Congress and the White House.

The statement released by the board indicated that it looks forward to the newly aggressive approach Mr. Khan is expected to bring to the bank’s financial and political affairs.

September 12, 2011

Bank Board Fires CEO

Spokesman for Board Says Members Had Enough. Chief Exec Granted $15,000,000 Exit Package and Lifetime Benefits.

File:Old Houses on School Street - - 775502.jpg

In addition to subprime mortgages, Country Side lent billions on subprime properties. These instruments were bundled into tranches called CDOs.  (Photo by David Wright).

The board of directors of the Bank of Magellan, the largest bank in the galaxy, announced today that it has fired CEO P. Percival Pussyfoot.

Mr. Pussyfoot was head of the bank for eleven years and led the institution through the contentious period from 2007-2010 when the bank was charged with defrauding investors by selling worthless collateralized debt obligations. During Mr. Pussyfoot’s tenure the bank bundled hundreds of thousands of subprime mortgages into tranches it claimed represented sound investments that offered high returns. The bank earned hundreds of billions of dollars selling the bundled mortgages known as CDOs.

When the value of the CDOs plummeted as mortgage defaults soared investors claimed they had been defrauded by the bank. Numerous lawsuits ensued.

Mr. Pussyfoot countered the lawsuits with the claim that the CDOs were rated AAA by Dushe $ Bagge, the prominent securities ratings agency that downgraded U.S. Treasuries along with Standard $ Poor. The lawsuits have noted however that Dushe $ Bagge has been accused of excepting cash payments in exchange for favorable ratings and must be held accountable for this unlawful behavior.

Also to his credit, Mr. Pussyfoot had the foresight to insure the CDOs with Credit Default Swaps. The CDSs were insurance policies that protected the bundled CDOs against failure. Mr. Pussyfoot was roundly criticized however when the insurance company that issued the CDSs that insured the CDOs declared bankruptcy. The insurance company was later bailed out by taxpayer funds compliments of the U.S. Government and Bank of Magellen received full value of the insured CDOs.

Mr. Pussyfoot was also instrumental in acquiring the assets of failed mortgage originator Country Side Homes. When mortgages issued by Country Side began to lapse in droves Bank of Magellan was saddled with responsibility for the instruments. The bank now faces additional lawsuits associated with the acquisition of the mortgage origination giant. 

Recently however Mr. Pussyfoot has shied away from MBSs, or mortgaged backed securities, even though they have proven to be high profit instruments and their sale is permissible under the new bank regulations recently passed by Congress and endorsed by the White House. President Obama signed the regulations into law in a White House ceremony in July, 2010.

When Mr. Pussyfoot refused to pursue the risky investments the board made its decision to fire him.

September 11, 2011

Are We Ready To Say Wall Street Crooks?

Are we ready to say Wall Street crooks? How about the Welfare Queens of Wall Street? We know that the crooks cashed in on taxpayer funds. Now this shocking news!


You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.  It’s the American way.

And a truly astonishing revelation it is.

Well not really. Actually just another day of normal flimflaming on the Street.

Now don’t faint from shock now when I tell you this. Bankers took kickbacks from insurance companies that wrote policies for subprime mortgages.

Oh my word. Whatever is this world coming to?

And believe it or not that practice is still illegal. Somebody ought to go to jail that. Not because it’s illegal of course. But because somebody, somewhere forgot to cajole Congress into making the crime legal.

If the Welfare Queens of Wall Street ever discover who that inept lobbyist is, his ass is grass. 

September 11, 2011

Wanted: Attempted Robbery

Obama Proposes to Rob Medicare of More Funds.

File:Official portrait of Barack Obama.jpg

Wanted: Attempted Robbery 2009-2011. Person seeks to steal huge sums from Social Security and Medicare to continue upward redistribution of wealth from the poor to the rich.

Obama continued his attack on the social safety net by including in his politically motivated jobs plan more cuts to Medicare – even deeper than the cuts he is already attempting to steal from the program and in the face of his increased spending on war entitlements.

Moreover this phony Democratic president offered to Republican Speaker John Boehner as far back as their deficit talks on the golf course – where else – the same Medicare scam, that is, raising the eligibility age from 65 to 67.

Add this attempted robbery to Obama’s sellout on Social Security – changing the COLA in order to steal from that program – and the result is a classic maneuver by a member of the aristocratic class to lay the foundations for the destruction of both programs.

Of even more concern is that Obama’s attempted robbery gives further validation to Gov. Rick Perry’s claim that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme and lays the foundation for the destruction of both programs.

Here is how Obama’s sneak attack on Medicare could well play out. The president you will recall advocated deep cuts to the senior plan in the debt negotiations and the aristocrats on the Senate’s illegal Super Committee have been tasked with implementing those cuts. In the phony jobs plan Obama called for even deeper cuts to Medicare.

Now these cuts will occur on the provider side and are in addition to cuts already offered by the president and to the cuts that occur by raising the eligibility age.

At some point doctors and hospitals will simply refuse to treat the elderly because the reimbursement rates are inadequate. Not only will seniors not be able to choose a doctor. There may be few if any doctors to choose from! The president’s plan therefore represents a sneaky way to destroy Medicare.  He, along with his accessories to the crime in Congress, is conspiring to commit one of the greatest heists in history – the theft of funds contributed by the American people to Medicare and Social Security.

Will this nefarious scheme save the Federal Government money? Yes of course it will.  That’s the whole point of the crime.  But it’s no secret that denying health care to seniors will save money. It’s a self-evident fact.

It is clear by now that Obama is a bona fide member of America’s new aristocratic class.  He is as much a Robber Baron as the crooks of Wall Street. 

September 10, 2011

You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby

THE struggle for equal rights for women continues and intensifies. And the equal rights movement may soon be joined by men – many of whom are coming to the realization that the savage brand of American capitalism is ravaging their lives as well.

You may have come a long way, baby, but it’s too soon to give up. Females the world over are still regarded as the lesser sex and are often treated brutally to reinforce their inferior status.

File:Meister Francke - Geißelung der hl. Barbara.jpg

The painting above depicts the inferior status of medieval women.  Here a woman named St. Barbara is tortured because she converted to Christianity against the wishes of her pagan father. Tradition has it that by a variety of miracles she was cured each night of the disfigurement inflicted by the tortures. Finally she was beheaded, her father delivering the fatal blow that elevated her to martyrdom and sainthood.  Many fundamentalist religions even today relegate women to an inferior status and are not above inflicting cruel and unusual physical punishment for “sins” they committed.

Though women have made great strides in their quest for equality, the fair sex was exploited viciously in America in the early twentieth century; and for nothing more than standing up for the right to fair treatment, decent working conditions and a living wage. Those brave ladies who protested the indecent, often uncivilized, conditions under which they worked and existed, were often savagely beaten in the dark of night by goons hired by the early masters of American capitalism.

In one of hundreds of incidents that comprised the American labor movement, one hundred and forty six young women and men were burned to death in a fire that occurred at the Triangle Waist Company in New York City. The hundred year anniversary of the calamity that occurred on March 26, 1911 was recently observed in New York.

Most of the bodies burned in that tragic incident were ravaged beyond recognition and after they were recovered, firemen and police lined the corpses up on a nearby pier for relatives to come and identify and claim and finally to give a decent burial to their loved ones.

The book by David Von Drehle – Triangle-The Fire That ChangedAmerica – relates the story of these heroic women in savage detail. A great book no doubt but it was decades before American workers achieved real change and many were murdered in the process.

Are savage modern day capitalists seeking to return to the days of old?

In a word, absolutely. Have no doubt the Barons of the modern economic system would spare no cruelty should their domination ever be seriously challenged. The brutality and violence waged against American working men and women in the past may be a harbinger of what lies ahead.

Is it an exaggeration to apply the conditions portrayed by the artist to the modern world? Perhaps. But in some societies, physical cruelty toward women, included beheading, exists today.

Yes, you’ve come a long way, baby. But you’re not there yet.

And if you happen to be a male who thinks he’s safe, well think again. The Barons are coming after you. They have already successfully lowered wages in many industries and reduced benefits and eliminated pensions. And now they want your Social Security. And you know what? They’ll get it. The real mystery is why so many Americans vote to give it to them.

September 10, 2011

Fossilized Thinking

Economy Fails to Self-Correct.  Obama Now Desperate.

Obama brought on advisers whose fossilized thinking was responsibl­e for forecastin­g a typical two year turnaround for the economy and for a lackadaisi­cal approach to a stimulus plan.

File:Obama thinking.jpg

Bad days ahead for the White House.

In the past economic recovery has occurred about two years after a downturn. So they chose to sit tight and wait for the good times to roll in believing – wrongly as it turned out – that they were perfectly positioned to enter the 2012 election with an economy in full recovery mode. They refused to confront Republican­s with a realistic stimulus plan and instead accepted a half baked inadequate measure that has indeed failed. Unfortunat­ely the failure sticks to Obama and not the GOP.

The president and his coterie cajoled Republican­s, making only a halfheart­ed attempt to win a trillion dollar jobs program. A down and dirty fight to the finish might have gained more than the paltry legislatio­n that eventually passed the Congress. If nothing else, the fight even if lost would have saddled the Republican­s with much of the blame for the failure of the stimulus.

Now the advisers, aware that they have failed the president, have fled the ship, except for the addled Geithner who remains behind to issue dire warnings. And the president is left holding a bag filled with campaign cash but little else.

It’s still not too late to fight. But you don’t do that on a golf course.

September 7, 2011

Life of Brian – Bigus Dickus – YouTube

Life of Brian – Bigus Dickus – YouTube.